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Technology-Led Business Transformation

Many consulting firms, including FTI Consulting, will help you modernize IT and reduce costs. However, we also believe businesses can transform themselves through the power of IT. Such transformations begin with a technologically informed business strategy and proceeds through a re-imagining of business operations, new competitive offerings, and improvements in your customer’s experience. This service combines our strategy skills, industry skills, performance improvement capabilities and IT skills into a single offering.

Our Service Offerings

Technologically Informed Business Strategy
Technology is always at the forefront of business innovation. Over-the-top television, Factory 4.0, and the “internet of things” are a few examples. While technology shifts often result in new consumer offerings, they can also radically change your internal operations, your speed of delivery and costs. FTI Consulting has the skills to help you redefine your business strategy in light of the newest technical innovations and to roadmap the implementation of these strategies.

Customer-Centric Solutions (Improving Net Promoter Scores)
Many companies rely on NPS to determine how they rank in their customers’ minds. However, a savvy business needs to decide what services in which it wants to rank highly — after all, you don’t need to be great at everything. Once this is decided, the improvements need to be designed into your organization and your customer interactions from beginning to end. This invariably requires significant shifts in technology, websites, employee tools and KPIs. FTI Consulting can help with all these activities and then design the roadmap to achieving these outcomes technologically.

Product and Service Innovation
To be successful every business must distinguish itself from its competitors through its products or services. And, as importantly, it must keep up with the capabilities of its competitors. We believe such competitive differentiation must be enabled by or supported by a company’s technologies. This might be the launch of customer centric websites, or a software product innovation, or a technology-enabled service innovation, or a machine-learning informed CRM. FTI Consulting has helped many companies in all of these of improvement and many more.

FTI Consulting's technology experts have the skills to assess your capabilities relative to competitors, architect the needed advancements and provide a roadmap to implementation.

IT Modernization

The FTI Consulting IT Modernization services deliver solutions for updating and enhancing your technology portfolio — to drive IT agility, speed to market, flexibility, cost optimization and business/strategic enablement.

In many cases, legacy technology is slow, inflexible and cost intensive, hamstringing innovation and customer service. Our solutions evaluate appropriate opportunities for improvement such as business processes automation, XaaS, ITSM, cloud, RPA, IT operating model, and master data management. We also model the financial impact of the current and potential future state of IT.

Robotic Process Automation
Companies are achieving new orders of magnitude efficiencies implementing RPA for repetitive tasks. FTI Consulting has helped companies identify process for automation, develop trial proofs of concept, and develop a roadmap for transformation. We also work with our partners to develop and test the bespoke “bots” and monitoring tools needed for successful implementation.

Digital Transformation

We help you transform your company digitally – inside and out. However, Digital Transformation means different things to different businesses and industries. At FTI Consulting, Digital Transformation is the use of digital paradigms and technologies to change the clock speed of your company by burning agility into your strategy, operations, culture and technology. Click here for more.

Industry IT Expertise
Our Technology Transformation team has deep industry expertise to complement our technology skills. Our professionals have executive level IT and industry expertise. Working side-by-side with management, boards of directors and investors, we help align IT initiatives with critical priorities, striking a balance between short-term and long-term goals. Our approach is to leverage our industry strength and IT expertise. Our Technology Transformation professionals understand our clients’ challenges, opportunities and competitive landscapes. We offer IT expertise in the following industries:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive & Industrial
  • Chemicals
  • Clean Energy
  • Energy, Power and Products
  • Financial Services
  • Food and Beverage
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitality, Leisure and Gaming
  • Industrials and Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Mining and Mining Services
  • Real Estate & Infrastructure
  • Retail & Consumer Products
  • Telecom, Media & Technology
  • Transportation and Logistics
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