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The Competitive Edge - Making the Most of Hospitalists

Driving Quality of Care, Service and Financial Performance through Integration and Leverage

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May 8, 2015

Hospitalists occupy an increasingly critical role in America’s health systems. Well implemented hospitalist programs help their institutions drive clinical and financial excellence while improving the quality of customer care and service, as well as physician and staff experience. Yet many hospitals and other organizations have failed to realize the full potential of hospitalists to deliver significant quality and service improvements. Under both fee-for-service or accountable care models, success or failure in maximizing the integration and leverage of hospitalists means the difference between organizational losses or surpluses. Because of this, health systems across the United States are fast implementing and hard wiring best of breed hospitalist programs and enjoying the significant return-on-investment (ROI) that results.

To achieve these goals FTI partners with a health system’s hospitalists and offers proven, unique and holistic solutions that are highly effective in a range of organizations. FTI’s approach is engaging, educational and participatory as it assess all relevant aspects of a hospitalist program, creates a gap analysis from best practices and a plan to successfully close the gaps with an expert implementation team including members who are MD and RN credentialed. This expert team achieves results and develops hospitalist leadership through mentoring, coaching and oversight enabling selfsustainability into the future. Our work includes aligning a health system’s hospitalist program with its overall management teams, service lines, departments and community providers resulting in additional leverage and performance improvement for the health system. To our knowledge, no other consulting practice offers this depth and range of integrated services.

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