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Functional and Space Programming

Program Facilities that Support How Your Intend to Deliver Services

Healthcare & Life Sciences

July 21, 2014

Functional and Space Programming ideally follows Master Facility Planning, precedes architectural design, and is performed when a facility project is imminent. Functional and space programs are detailed pre-design documentation of functional requirements and associated space allocations necessary to support facility design that will be aesthetically pleasing as well as operationally effective and efficient for patients, visitors, physicians and staff. These documents assure that all elements are included and sized to achieve project objectives and meet volume projections. FTI’s Functional and Space Programming methodology is based on an interdisciplinary collaborative approach, utilizing teams to describe future facilities that support how you want to operate. We function as subject matter expert, facilitator, coach and translator of your intentions to the design process.

What does Functional and Space Programming Entail?

Functional and Space programs are thorough quantitative and qualitative descriptions of physical space utilization. Our functional programs are narrative documents that capture physical requirements based upon desired future state delivery models and experience expectations, as well as intra- and interdepartmental adjacencies. Our space programs delineate the types and numbers of spaces required and assign sizes to those individual spaces, using either industry or client standards

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