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Functional Evaluation & Capacity Assessments

Healthcare & Life Sciences

July 21, 2014

Facilities are an important component of operations. Space that is poorly suited for its intended purpose can contribute to inefficient processes and interactions, thus leading to higher costs and decreased physician, staff and customer satisfaction. FTI has combined two unique planning methodologies into a discreet service offering that identifies areas of opportunity for more efficient and effective use of physical resources – Functional Evaluation and Capacity Assessments.

Functional Evaluation: Does Space Adequately Support the Function?

FTI has developed a proprietary Functional Evaluation tool that assesses the ability of facilities in their current state to support their intended functions. This functional evaluation contributes to decision-making in the areas of program planning, operations and facility/capital investment. The evaluation utilizes both objective and subjective criteria to evaluate spaces relative to the following, weighted parameters:

  • Functionality: the degree to which the allocated space supports the effective and efficient performance of the department or service’s primary purposes.
  • Access: the degree to which customers and suppliers can access the department, as well as the ability of departmental staff to access other relevant key departments and services with which they routinely interact.
  • Environment: the degree to which the physical environment allows department staff and their patients, physicians and other customers to comfortably work and interact.

The Functional process involves analyzing data regarding space allocations and participating in comprehensive facility tours in order to gain firsthand knowledge of the physical conditions. Every space is rated along each of the three parameters noted above, and departmental results are compiled. In addition, an overall functional evaluation summary scorecard is created.

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