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Integrated Revenue Solutions Access Management

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November 18, 2013

Patient Access is critical to financial success and is one of the most impactful areas which distinctively effects patient satisfaction, hospital reimbursement and overall revenue growth. FTI Consulting is a market leader in guiding hospitals to execute innovative Access Management models to accelerate focus on the patient and physician while dramatically and rapidly improve both cash flow and recurring financial benefits. Patient Access optimization results in organizations achieving increased market share, profits, and operational proficiency.

The overall impact to revenue cycle improvements for patient access is 2-5% of net revenues. These outcomes are attainable with concentrated efforts to capture accurate information and enhance interactions with patients and physicians to activate the entire revenue cycle.

FTI Consulting’s Integrated Patient Access solutions are centered on performance improvement and redesign services for each unique client by employing an approach to systematically and collaboratively review, analyze, and improve current practices.

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