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Structured Database Discovery

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

March 19, 2015

During the eDiscovery process, plaintiffs and defendants are often on a quest to identify the “silver bullet” that contains the key to confirming or refuting the salient points of a case. However, what to do when this answer lies outside of a hot document or email, but within the parameters of structured or “fielded” data. This data (which includes financial data, such as general ledger or sales data, stock trading activity, cash transactions, healthcare claim or payment data), is generally stored in large enterprise systems or archived data warehouses and often describes the size, shape, or the entry/ exit path of that “silver bullet”. The quandary facing companies is how to best identify and capture the necessary information, when the typical tools and processes of document based eDiscovery don’t work?

The Forensic & Litigation Consulting (FLC) practice at FTI Consulting provides multidisciplinary, independent dispute advisory, investigative, data acquisition, analysis and forensic accounting services to the global business and legal community. Our team supports clients facing high stakes litigation, arbitration, compliance investigations and regulatory scrutiny.

The Financial and Enterprise Data Analytics (FEDA) practice within FLC delivers strategic business solutions to clients requiring in-depth analysis of large, disparate sets of financial, operational and transactional data. Our professionals work with clients to efficiently identify and access relevant systems and system generated data that is applicable to a business issue, investigation or litigation. FEDA’s expertise and technical skill allow for the use of this data to provide additional insight through complex analyses, data mining for specific transactional activity, and the ability to define relationships across multiple data sources, both internal and from third parties. In addition to the technical abilities to deal with numerous third party and custom systems, the FEDA practice has a deep understanding of financial data and how it is used by companies and assists companies with risk avoidance and mitigation measures in their operations or business transactions.

FTI Consulting’s FEDA practice is a well-established global practice entrusted by our clients to handle the most complex and high profile matters. The outgrowth of the practice is a result of recent FRCP amendments and obligations to produce ESI which includes databases, legal education organizations advancing the adoption of information governance principles and best practices, data repositories that are searchable and accessible and the availability of data analytics technology providing actionable insight and business intelligence to resolving business disputes.

Our professionals are highly-skilled in conducting complex, data-intensive analysis and investigations focusing on lawsuits, government/regulatory investigations, IT system audits and due diligence, insolvencies and other matters requiring the collection and analysis of large amounts of data, complex modelling or information sharing. Our team’s ability to identify the relevant data within an organization, and our extensive experience with various technical tools that manage, analyze and present large data sets provides our clients with the most robust capabilities across the eDiscovery industry.

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