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Alok Khare

  • Managing Director
  • Forensic & Litigation Consulting
  • T: +1 415 283 4248
  • F: +1 415 293 4496
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    • 50 California Street
    • Suite 1900
    • San Francisco, CA, 94111
    • United States
    • T: +1 415 283 4200
    • F: +1 415 293 4496

Alok Khare is a Managing Director in the FTI Consulting’s Forensic & Litigation Consulting segment and is based in San Francisco. He is a financial economist, who specializes in the areas of Econometrics, Derivatives, Structured and Corporate Finance. Dr. Khare provides consulting services on complex economic and financial issues related to legal disputes and other business matters. 

In the context of litigation, Dr. Khare helps in the preparation of expert reports, and supports counsel in mediation and settlement discussions.   He has experience working on securities class action, consumer fraud class action, antitrust proceeding, SEC investigation, and bankruptcy proceedings etc.

He has designed and supervised economic analyses to examine class certification, materiality, loss causation, and damage claims etc.  He has performed event studies to   examine presumption of reliance, materiality, and damage claims etc.

Dr. Khare has acted as a consulting expert in securities and antitrust litigations with large damage claims.  In one such securities class action involving claims relating to $6 billion preferred stock issue, the court denied the class certification and the decision heavily relied on results of analyses designed and supervised by Dr. Khare.

He also provides consulting services for model validation, security and portfolio risk measurement and valuation.  He has experience developing and validating complex econometric models — time series (ARCH/ GARCH/ VAR), panel data, logistic regressions, and other models.  Additionally, he has experience with market and credit risk assessment of financial securities, structured finance products and alternative assets, and valuation of financial instruments, employee compensation (stock options, RSUs etc.), real options, patents, public and private firms.

Dr. Khare obtained his PhD from UC Santa Barbara. His dissertation committee included Prof. R. Mehra (chair), known for his research on equity premium puzzle, Nobel Laureate Prof. F. Kydland (member) known for his research relating to the business cycles  and the time consistency of economic policies, and Professor H. Bohn, known for his research on macroeconomic and policy issues.

Dr. Khare also holds CFA and CAIA designations.

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