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Clive Holloway

  • Senior Director
  • T: +852 3768 4717
  • F: +852 3012 9664
    • Level 22, The Center
    • 99 Queen's Road Central
    • Central
    • Hong Kong
    • T: +852 3768 4500
    • F: +852 3012 9664

Clive Holloway is a Senior Director in the Construction Solutions practice in Asia Pacific, and he is based in Hong Kong. 

Mr. Holloway is an accomplished construction professional with over 35 years’ experience (15 years as a practitioner and more than 20 years in consulting) in the fields of planning, programming, scheduling, delay analysis, etc., and so dealing with time-related contract issues on projects in dispute.

Mr. Holloway is a programme expert/forensic delay analyst, and his recent assignments have involved the analysis of delay on projects for contractors, assisting with the review, assessment and preparation of extension of time (EOT) entitlement claims, various programme expert appointments for projects in Asia, providing advice on the way forward, and programme risk assessment.

Mr. Holloway is adept in the forensic programmeanalysis of delay; and familiar with the methods available to determine extensions of time. He has used his fundamental knowledge and referred to his work experience, to develop skills and techniques in the analysis and resolution of projects in delay. He has had global exposure, previously working in Hong Kong from 1998 to 2004, then in the Middle East from 2008 to 2011, before returning to Asia in 2012.

Mr. Holloway has worked on a wide variety of projects across many sectors, and can apply his forensic programme delay analytical skills to any project to identify causes of delay and/or disruption, evaluate the impacts and effects, and establish entitlements.

A practicing Member of the Academy of Experts, Mr. Holloway has received training as an Expert Witness. He has been appointed as ProgrammeExpert Witness on numerous occasions, and as such he is fully aware of the role and obligations. He has a full understanding on the need to provide independent advice and/or opinion to the tribunal, relevant to his expertise, appropriate to the case, and as outlined in the brief. Over the years, Mr. Holloway has also gained considerable experience in the preparation of delay, disruption, EOT and other time-related claims, and counter-claims for use in Court; and in the defence/rebuttal thereof. He has acted for claimants and/or defendants, producing numerous time-related reports; many of which are less formal expert advocate reports with respect to the risks, strengths and weaknesses of EOT delay claims for adjudication, mediation, amicable settlement negotiation, etc.

Additionally, Mr. Holloway has given talks, presented examples of his work, written a number of articles/papers, and delivered training on his specialised understanding of planning, programming, scheduling, delay analysis, etc.

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