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Ian Marshall

  • Managing Director
  • T: +44 20 3727 1344
  • F: +44 20 3727 1007
    • 200 Aldersgate
    • Aldersgate Street
    • London, EC1A 4HD
    • United Kingdom
    • T: +44 20 3727 1000
    • F: +44 20 3727 1007

Ian Marshall, is a Managing Director in FTI Consulting’s London Insurance Services Practice. Prior to joining FTI, he was Group Head of Consulting at a  specialist  firm  of  insurance consultants,  specialising  in  run-off, insurance  technical investigations, arbitration and litigation insurance accounting expert work and in expert and management roles in Part VII and Scheme of Arrangement processes. He has extensive experience leading major projects relating to accounting, auditing and complex reinsurance transactions. He has been involved in this sector for over 30 years and has worked in Bermuda and the USA and worked on projects in UK, continental Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Latin America, Trinidad and Bermuda.

Mr. Marshall has directed a number of investigatory, due diligence and litigation cases relating to loss reserve adequacy, involving designing sampling criteria, specifying the individual case reserve review methodology, directing claims professionals carrying out the file reviews, liaising with actuaries over the consequences of the case reserve analysis on data used for setting IBNR reserves and providing expert evidence.

In the London market, Mr. Marshall directed a project to monitor reserve development over a 3 year period in order to identify the base reserving bases for both case and IBNR reserves and monitor consistent application over the period.

Mr. Marshall is engaged as Special Adviser in relation to insurance accounting and auditing to a commission of enquiry into the failure of certain insurance and financial services entities in the Caribbean.

Mr. Marshall led a multi-year project to monitor reserve setting by a UK insurer. This included the evaluation of sampled case reserves and the analysis of development data in order to advise when a Part VII transfer could be undertaken without adverse financial consequences to the stakeholders.

In a Lloyd’s market case, Mr. Marshall directed a project to evaluate a syndicate’s business plan and review the variances from the prior plan in relation to pricing and reserving on behalf of a members’ agent as part of their due diligence relating to capacity allocation.

Mr. Marshall has acted as an expert in a number of arbitrations relating to reinsurance loss spirals and which involved mapping and modelling the flow of losses between insurers to estimate the ultimate losses and opine on the nature of the reinsurance arrangements.

Mr. Marshall recently acted as a reinsurance accounting expert in a matter involving a dispute over the basis of calculation of ceded losses. This required devising a methodology to determine the correct loss amounts for over 1,000 claims and to firstly determine the cession basis used by the cedant and then to apply the basis understood by the reinsurer in order to provide an expert opinion as to the damages resulting from the cedant’s basis. The panel adopted Mr Marshall’s calculations in their award.

Mr. Marshall lectures on insurance auditing and accounting and provides training to accounting students.

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