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Murray Lawson, Ph.D.

  • Director
  • T: +61 2 9235 9317
  • F: +61 2 8247 8099
    • Level 15, 50 Pitt Street
    • Sydney, NSW, 2000
    • Australia
    • T: +61 2 8247 8000
    • F: +61 2 8247 8099

Murray Lawson is a Director in the Global Risk and Investigations practice of FTI Consulting based in Sydney.

Dr. Lawson specialises in leading cross-border and business intelligence investigations, applying the techniques of intelligence collection and analysis to the complex and sensitive business risks faced by clients.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting, Dr. Lawson worked for 10 years in the national security sector for the Australian government, leading investigations of terrorism, cross-border money laundering and trade sanctions breaches.

Dr. Lawson has extensive experience in forensic interviewing, having trained numerous law enforcement and government investigators, and possesses extensive negotiation and crisis management skills. He has worked with major corporate and investment industry clients on issues of reputational risk, fraud, corruption, human rights and shareholder activism, among others.

Dr. Lawson holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and is currently completing a Masters of Business Administration at the University of Sydney.

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