Time to Stop, Think and Review Your Employment Tax Obligations in Respect of Non-Resident Directors in the UK

May 22, 2024—Employment Tax and Reward Specialists explain UK employers and non-resident directors can remain fully compliant and prevent additional costs and penalties.

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FCA Operational Resilience Requirements: Fortifying Financial Services

May 09, 2024—FTI Consulting advises how Financial Services firms can evolve ahead of the FCA deadline of 31 March 2025

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Key Considerations for the FCA’s Consultation Paper 24/9: Financial Crime Guide Updates

May 08, 2024—FCA proposes updates to Financial Crime Guide focusing on sanctions, crypto, tech and Consumer Duty. Firms should review their systems and controls.

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Contracts for Difference: The Instrument of Choice for the Energy Transition

May 06, 2024—Contracts for Difference (“CfDs”) are increasingly used for incentivising private investment in renewable power projects and new clean energy technologies.

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UK Implementation of Pillar 2 Model Rules

April 05, 2024—Pillar 2 rules ensure that multinational enterprises/groups (“MNEs”) pay a global minimum tax which combines domestic and international tax mechanisms.

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European Insurance M&A Barometer Report 2023

March 25, 2024—The European Insurance M&A Barometer Report 2023 reviews EU insurance deal activity, the M&A market and major deals and players shaping the landscape.

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Operational Resilience: Are You Ready and Seizing the Opportunities?

March 19, 2024—Financial firms must ensure compliance with operational resilience regulations by Jan 2025 for EU and March 2025 for UK. Are you prepared?

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FTI Consulting Financial Crime Data Review Brochure

February 28, 2024—Our Financial Crime Data Review is a web-based, customisable analytics and case management review tool designed for efficient and secure decision-making.

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Implementing Consumer Duty for Closed Book Products – Are you Prepared?

February 21, 2024—The upcoming FCA July 2024 deadline for closed-book products and services means banks need to adapt to regulatory expectations for consumer-centric operations.

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2024 Special Situations Investor Survey

February 12, 2024—Insights reflect on distressed deal activity during 2023 and explore whether turbulence will create a platform for more special situation opportunities.

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FCA Issues Further Market Watch on Flying and Printing

February 08, 2024—Financial Conduct Authority issued market watch on firms flying prices and printing trades. The regulator warns against market abuse and misconduct.

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UK Entity of a Global Electronic Money Institution

February 06, 2024—FTI Consulting worked on a major governance, risk and compliance remediation programme for an electronic money institution studying their Skilled Persons Review

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