Data Privacy and Information Governance

Exploding growth in corporate data – whether stored on servers, in the cloud or on employee devices – presents new challenges and opportunities for your organisation.

Reliance on personal data is growing and organisations continue to innovate against a backdrop of enhanced privacy regulation, changing consumer privacy expectations and shareholder demands for profitability. As a result, today’s organisations face a profoundly complicated regulatory, reputational and operational data privacy risk environment.

How We Help

Managing data risk is now a boardroom issue. We are adept at providing strategic and operational advice, particularly for organisations who do not have the in-house resources to deploy the robust compliance frameworks required.

Our team in Australia can help develop and implement information governance solutions that reduce corporate risk, cut storage costs, secure data, improve the e-discovery process and provide deeper insight into data faster. Some information governance considerations include:

  • Privacy advisory and risk management
  • Chief Privacy Officer as a service
  • Privacy by design
  • Privacy and data program development and implementation
  • Regulatory assessments
  • Privacy managed services
  • Data retention remediation
  • Defensible cloud migrations
  • Data intelligence and analytics
  • Mergers and acquisitions due diligence
  • Backup remediation

Helping You Manage Data Risk

Our services in Australia are based on helping our clients manage data risk, from privacy compliance to information governance.

Data Privacy in Australia

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