Who Needs Rate Cuts Anyway?

June 12, 2024—Financial markets have rallied in 1H24 despite the Fed’s refusal to cut rates. As this dynamic continues, the question is: what will give first?

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Optimizing E-Mobility Solutions for a U.S.-Based Transportation Conglomerate

June 11, 2024—A transportation conglomerate turned to FTI Consulting for a machine learning solution to forecast charging demand for its electric vehicle fleet.

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Assessing Bias and Governance of AI-Driven Marketing Products

June 11, 2024—FTI Consulting was engaged by a global marketing services provider to proactively evaluate several AI-driven products targeted at financial institutions

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Leveraging AI Solutions to Predict Mobile Network Incidents With 80% Accuracy

June 11, 2024—A conglomerate engaged FTI Consulting to assist in forming an AI-driven proof-of-concept capable of predicting incidents across a mobile network.

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Data Theft and Extortion Incident at a Professional Services Firm

June 11, 2024—FTI Cybersecurity managed a data theft and extortion incident, identifying threats, negotiating data return, and ensuring comprehensive resolution for a client.

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Ransomware Investigation for Aviation Engineering Company

June 11, 2024—An engineering company that provides services to the aviation industry was affected by LockBit ransomware, which restricted their engineers' workflow.

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Ransomware Response for an Engineering and Manufacturing Company

June 10, 2024—An engineering and manufacturing company faced a ransomware attack from a sophisticated threat actor group, locking the company out of their environment.

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Business Email Compromise for Private Equity Firm

June 10, 2024—A private equity firm’s limited partner (LP) was impacted by a business email compromise (BEC), resulting in the threat actor stealing funds from the firm.

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Luxury Restored Through White Glove Incident Response

June 10, 2024—A food and beverage manufacturer faced a severe setback when a ransomware attack compromised and paralyzed their operations.

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