Time to Stop, Think and Review Your Employment Tax Obligations in Respect of Non-Resident Directors in the UK

May 22, 2024—Employment Tax and Reward Specialists explain UK employers and non-resident directors can remain fully compliant and prevent additional costs and penalties.

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Call for REIT Guidance: Data Centers and Cloud Solutions

May 21, 2024—Our experts McRae Thompson and Leland Collins discuss the movement towards hyperscale facilities to meet the demands of companies in a cloud-based environment.

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Untangling a $500 Million Oil and Gas Dispute for a Joint Venture Client

May 20, 2024—A global FTI Consulting team provided expert causation data, forensic delay analysis and quantification of damages and loss of profits in a contract dispute.

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The Other Asian Giant: Developing a Stomach and Appetite for the Indian Market

May 17, 2024—Investor confidence in India soars with a stable government. Discover insights on regulatory risks, investment sentiment, and policy continuity post-election.

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Final Rules on Measuring Domestic Control of REITs

May 16, 2024—FTI Consulting’s Scott Drago and Stephen Bertonaschi discuss the newly issued final Treasury Regulations on REITs and the direct impacts on foreign investors.

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Evaluating the Potential Impact of a Public Option on State Costs and Insurance Coverage in Minnesota

May 16, 2024—Economists at FTI Consulting modeled the effects of proposed MinnesotaCare buy-in (“Public Option”) legislation on insurance coverage and health care costs.

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Financial Crime Compliance Advancement Enabled by Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

May 09, 2024—FTI Consulting offers advanced analytics solutions for entity resolution, risk scoring, and case management, with strategic guidance and tech road mapping.

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Navigating Global Supply Chain Disruption

May 09, 2024—The Bab al-Mandab Strait instability has disrupted maritime shipping, impacting the Red Sea route to the Suez Canal, and causing delays.

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Key Considerations for the FCA’s Consultation Paper 24/9: Financial Crime Guide Updates

May 08, 2024—FCA proposes updates to Financial Crime Guide focusing on sanctions, crypto, tech and Consumer Duty. Firms should review their systems and controls.

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