Americans Are Eating Out Like Crazy As They Complain About Inflation and High Rates

May 24, 2023—Americans have not cut back on Food Away from Home/eating out despite high inflation rates which typically lead to a decrease in consumer spending.

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How Electric and Gas Utilities Can Prepare for Three Distinct Policy Futures

May 23, 2023—We outline three federal energy policy scenarios and offers insights to electric and gas utilities making critical investments in an uncertain future.

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Evaluating the Potential Impact of a Public Option on Minnesota’s Hospitals and Patients

May 22, 2023—FTI Consulting analyzed the effects the proposed MinnesotaCare buy-in (“Public Option”) would have on access to care and hospital finances in the state.

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How Tech Firms Can Get a Head Start on the New National Cybersecurity Strategy

May 15, 2023—As cybersecurity matures, the White House wants to lean heavily on the private sector to help manage risk to our critical infrastructure.

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New Regulatory Frameworks Are Supporting Nuclear Plant Financing

May 11, 2023—Two UK projects offer models of contractual and financing schemes that can facilitate new nuclear power plant investment in liberalised markets.

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A “Collective” Cheer for NIL Transparency?

May 10, 2023—NIL Collectives open their books for the first time in 501(c)(3) tax filing deadline May 15 to illuminate emerging billion-dollar industry in academic sports.

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Growth Support: Helping a Nonprofit Lead Underrepresented Young Professionals into the Workforce

May 10, 2023—FTI Consulting corporate finance and business transformation experts describe their operating model development effort for education nonprofit Braven.

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Five Points to Keep in Mind Before the EU’s AI Act Takes Effect

May 09, 2023—Even as the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act continues to take shape, businesses should look to clues about the future of AI regulation.

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Is Executive Compensation the Answer to ESG Accountability?

May 09, 2023—Company boards are more closely linking incentive plans with the achievement of ESG goals. Positive outcomes could lead to a competitive advantage.

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