Spanish Companies in Russia Today: The Complex Situation Surrounding Economic Sanctions

June 05, 2023—Sanctions to Russia require companies to adopt an approach that leverages expertise in business intelligence, forensic accounting and fraud investigations.

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Academic Medical Organization Maturity Model and Mission Optimization

June 05, 2023—Operating maturity model and mission performance optimization activities that can improve an Academic Medical Organization’s ("AMOs") success.

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More Data, More Problems: 10 Reasons for Investment in Information Governance

June 05, 2023—Investing in secure data management and information governance can help prevent costly data breaches. Explore 10 reasons for investing in data governance.

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What’s Next For the Treasury General Account?

June 02, 2023—The aftershocks of the debt ceiling fight will impact liquidity for the U.S. banking system as the Treasury replenishes the General Account.

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Transportation & Logistics Industry Overview 1Q23 Executive Summary

June 01, 2023—Experts examine key transportation and logistics industry trends of the first quarter of 2023: global freight, ESG, fuel prices, AI and more.

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How Do Retail Stores Compete in an FMCG Market?

June 01, 2023—Learn about market definition and competition assessment in retail mergers, specifically in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market, in this article.

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Off-Channel Communication Legal Violations and Policies

May 31, 2023—Off-channel communications are a continuing concern for financial services firms. We offer practical tips to proactively address regulatory inquiries.

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Preparing for Effective Conflict Resolution

May 31, 2023— With a litigious climate, effective preparation may determine the success of business management strategies. How can companies face this dynamic future?

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Americans Are Eating Out Like Crazy As They Complain About Inflation and High Rates

May 24, 2023—Americans have not cut back on Food Away from Home/eating out despite high inflation rates which typically lead to a decrease in consumer spending.

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