Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Corporate Finance & Restructuring

Resilience Barometer COVID-19 Report

April 13, 2021—The FTI Resilience Barometer COVID Report examines how COVID, government stimulus packages and other trends have impacted large businesses in G20 nations.

Corporate Finance & Restructuring, Financial Services

2021 U.S. Loan Market Survey

April 7, 2021—FTI Consulting surveyed large bank and non-bank lenders across the United States between February 22 and March 12, 2021, including commercial banks.

Corporate Finance & Restructuring

Distressed Debt Is Dormant. Does It Matter?

April 6, 2021—At the moment there is a sharp divide between the corporate debt default expectations of leveraged credit markets and those of the rating agencies.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Financial Services

Financial Crimes Compliance for Cryptocurrency: Why Can’t We All Agree?

April 5, 2021—Regulators are not on the same page when it comes to applying the “Travel Rule” to digital assets. That’s stifling growth in the crypto industry.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

The Activism Vulnerability Report

December 1, 2020—The FTI Activism Screener assesses the vulnerability of approximately 3,400 large U.S. and Canadian companies using publicly available information.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

Hostile Takeover Bids Rise 2021

March 29, 2021—This year has seen a surge in hostile takeover bids. Knowing the warning signs that your company may be vulnerable is the first line of defense.

Healthcare & Life Sciences, Strategic Communications

The Feds Want Your CARES Funds Receipts

March 22, 2021—The United States distributed emergency funds through the CARES, and now is aggressively looking to recoup some of the $2.4 trillion they spent back.

Strategic Communications

Can Data Privacy Be a Competitive Advantage?

March 12, 2021—The ambiguity around protecting data and regulatory compliance creates a tension for companies that they must navigate to stay competitive.

Economic Consulting, Healthcare & Life Sciences

COVID-19 Vaccination: A Shot in the Arm for Health — and the Economy

March 3, 2021—Businesses supporting a vaccination program within their workforces can help public health and economic recovery while improving productivity.

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