Energy, Power & Products (EPP), Economic Consulting, Strategic Communications

Characteristics, Drivers of Emerging Carbon-Neutral LNG Market

June 9, 2021—Despite LNG’s carbon benefits over coal and petroleum products, it is being reconsidered by governments as a “transition” fuel to a lower-carbon economy.

Corporate Finance & Restructuring

The Consumer Economy Is About to Come Down from Its Sugar High

June 7, 2021—Regardless of one’s views of the federal response to the pandemic, the consideration of the moment is that relief for most Americans will be going away.

Health Solutions, Healthcare & Life Sciences

The Two-Midnight Rule 2021

June 4, 2021—The HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) will resume short stay audits of inpatient (IP) claims and added the audits to its annual work plan for 2021.

Healthcare & Life Sciences, Health Solutions

Digital Health Might Be the Answer to Patient-Centered Care

June 4, 2021—Digital health can enhance access, increase engagement, and empower populations to manage their health and wellness. The opportunity is large.

Financial Services, Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Technology

Mobile Money Is Driving Financial Inclusion, but Beware the Risks

June 3, 2021—With the pandemic causing acceleration of the shift to digital banking, growth is projected throughout developed and developing countries for mobile money.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

The Rise in Isolation Gaming…and Cheating

June 1, 2021—Video games are increasingly being used as a gateway for entertainment for those isolating at home. Some gamers find it necessary to “hack” (i.e., cheat).

Health Solutions, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Price Transparency Efforts Yielding Disappointing Results

May 18, 2021— As part of the federal government’s efforts to increase market competition in healthcare, CMS introduced the Price Transparency regulation.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

Proving COVID-19 Related Time Claims

May 11, 2021—COVID-19 has led to widespread disruption. Whilst the construction industry has remained active, it has not been immune to this upheaval.

Construction, Forensic & Litigation Consulting

Sanctions: Am I Off the Hook?

May 13, 2021—The implications on a party to contract when its counterparty may become subject to modern-day sanctions are best demonstrated by the Nord Stream 2 project.

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