The Spanish Leadership of the EU: A Challenging Presidency

March 30, 2023— Spain will assume the presidency of the Council of the European Union, a role that arrives in challenging economic, political and geostrategic context.

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Drug Pricing Negotiations – Are You Ready?

March 29, 2023—The impact brought on by the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act to drug pricing, companies will need to develop thorough and strategic communications plans.

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The Metaverse in Latin America

March 29, 2023—What exactly is the metaverse? How can it be used in business in Latin America? And could it really contribute up to 5% of Latin America's GDP by 2031?

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Taking a Fresh Look at the System Value of Nuclear Power Plants

March 29, 2023—As policy momentum for nuclear energy grows in some countries, challenges remain for wider acceptance. Here is a look at the considerations.

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The Activism Vulnerability Report

March 29, 2023—Our Activism and M&A Solutions team welcomes readers to our Activism Vulnerability Report, highlighting our Activism Vulnerability Screener for 4Q22.

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New Year’s Resolutions: Cybersecurity Preparedness for the Healthcare and Life Sciences Sector

March 28, 2023—Healthcare and life sciences organizations should consider the following New Year’s resolutions to enhance their cybersecurity preparedness in 2023.

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Five Moments of Truth for the Spanish Corporate World

March 28, 2023—Whistleblowing is an important process for companies, employees and civil society. In the reporting process, protecting whistleblowers is a priority.

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Bankruptcies Will Continue to Pile Up No Matter Where Fed Policy Goes from Here

March 28, 2023—The sudden failure of three regional banks has pushed all other businesses off the front pages and financial markets anxiously asking where the fallout stops.

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Restructurings Are Coming: What Can Companies and Financial Institutions Expect?

March 27, 2023—Analysis of the trends defining the market of restructurings in Spain considering the global context, the government guarantees and the new Insolvency Act.

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