Addressing “Transition” Issues in Executive Compensation Planning

July 24, 2024—FTI Consulting’s Senior Managing Director Anthony Saitta discusses the ways in which transition issues can impact a company in executive compensation planning.

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AI Is Facing a Human Challenge: We Need To Empower Employees To Unlock the Benefits of AI in Their Roles

July 24, 2024—As organisations continue to understand the impact of AI, there is a growing anxiety around the pace and magnitude of change that the workplace is witnessing.

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Navigating ESG Collaborations Under Heightened Antitrust Scrutiny

July 18, 2024—An overview of U.S. antitrust law focusing on competition and consumer harm, highlighting risks in collaborations, especially in ESG initiatives.

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Evaluating CLO Modeling Methodology and Stress Test Scenarios

July 17, 2024— FTI Consulting analyzed NAIC’s CLO modeling and stress test scenarios, identifying key limitations and providing credit risk evaluation recommendations.

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Securing €1.7 Billion in Funding for an Offshore Wind Farm

July 17, 2024—FTI Consulting helped secure €1.7 billion in funding and restructure the debt of the developer of an offshore wind farm following construction delays.

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Defining an Accelerated Go-To-Market Strategy for a Green Hydrogen Plant Developer

July 16, 2024—FTI Consulting was engaged by the developer of a European green hydrogen production plant to assist in securing off-take agreements for its production.

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Not Even a Raging Bull Market Can Rescue SPACs

July 09, 2024—While financial markets and other major asset classes continue to rally, special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) aren’t having the same good fortune.

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Sanctions Reviews: A Data-Driven Approach

July 08, 2024—Sanctions reviews are crucial for financial institutions regulatory and compliance framework. Regulatory scrutiny necessitates internal reviews.

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Going Green Starts with Blue: The Water Impact of India’s Energy Sector

July 08, 2024—This report examines water usage in India's energy sector, highlighting high demand and offering solutions for sustainable management and reduced water impact.

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