Corporate Finance

Harvesting the Learning Points on Relevant Alternatives and Valuation from the ED&F Man Group Restructuring Plan

June 30, 2022—In this case study, we provide some helpful insights on developments in Relevant Alternative analysis and Valuations in Restructuring Plans.

Economic Consulting

Measuring Concentration in the South African Economy: Some Cautionary Remarks

June 30, 2022—The Competition Commission's recent report finds high levels of concentration in the South African economy. We offer some remarks to improve clarity.

Economic & Financial Consulting, Financial Services

Derivatives Fund: Investment and Valuation Assessment

June 27, 2022—FTI Consulting advised a top tier bank’s prime brokerage business for a potential claim against the investment manager of a derivatives hedge fund.

Economic & Financial Consulting, Energy & Utilities

The UK Hydrogen Economy: Policy Announcements Support a 10GW Ambition

June 24, 2022—We explore the UK government’s hydrogen ambitions via their financial support mechanisms. We show the cost of generating low-carbon hydrogen in the UK.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

Business Fraud Does Not Rest; Prevention Should Not Either

June 23, 2022—No business or organization (large or small, national or multinational) is immune from such criminal offences. Fraud does not rest. No one is safe.

Reprint, Economic & Financial Consulting

Private Equity Disputes Through an Expert’s Lens

June 21, 2022—FTI Consulting experts weigh in on disputes arising from private equity investments and examine interesting expert issues underlying such disputes.

Construction, Corporate Finance & Restructuring, Economic & Financial Consulting, Forensic & Litigation Consulting

Building and Construction Industry in the Eye of the Perfect Storm

June 21, 2022—The Australian construction industry is in a precarious situation, according to industry forecasts in the Australian Construction Market Report.

Strategic Communications

Should Businesses Get Their Feathers Wet? It Depends

June 22, 2022—Companies have avoided getting involved in political, social and ethical issues. But now, that theory is no longer embraced by the majority of the public.

Corporate Finance & Restructuring

Inflation Is Raging, Rates Are Rising and Markets Are Reeling. Where Are All the Bankruptcies?

June 17, 2022—Given the weakening economic backdrop, it seems fair to ask why corporate bankruptcy filings remain so tame nearly halfway through the year.

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