M&A Market Status and Deal Outlook: March 2024

April 16, 2024—FTI Consulting’s M&A survey found deal activity will increase over the next 3-6 months and the overall sector outlook is cautious yet optimistic.

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How Mid-Market Portfolio Companies Create Value in an Uncertain Environment

April 10, 2024—Private equity firms are increasingly recognising the need for deeper partnerships and opting for a more hands-on approach that prioritises long-term success.

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2024 Expectations From the SEC on AI, Cybersecurity and ESG

April 09, 2024—Discover insights into the SEC's 2024 Examination Priorities, focusing on AI, cybersecurity, and ESG. Stay ahead with our expert analysis.

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UK Implementation of Pillar 2 Model Rules

April 05, 2024—Pillar 2 rules ensure that multinational enterprises/groups (“MNEs”) pay a global minimum tax which combines domestic and international tax mechanisms.

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$6 Million Reduction in Insurance Claims Reserves and Collateral for Specialty Retailer

April 04, 2024—A private equity-owned specialty retailer engaged FTI Consulting to right-size its insurance risk claims function by optimizing its insurance risk cost.

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Restoring Solvency to a Global Renewables Retailer Through Innovative Restructuring and Debt Advisory

April 04, 2024—FTI Consulting conducted an internal review (Restructuring and Debt Advisory) for Prodiel, a multinational company in the renewable energy industry.

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Unveiling the True Essence of Patient Engagement – Beyond the Buzzwords

April 02, 2024—FTI Consulting highlights ways to simplify patient care experience, how to balance cost efficiency and innovation, and benefits of customer experience mapping.

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The Activism Vulnerability Report

April 02, 2024—The quarterly FTI Consulting Activism Vulnerability Report includes insights, analysis and commentary on key trends in U.S. shareholder activism campaigns.

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Strategic Resilience: A Proactive Guide for Companies Facing Short Seller Attacks

April 02, 2024—Companies can strengthen resilience against short attacks by adopting a strategic approach, assessing vulnerabilities and developing a response playbook.

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