Corporate Finance, Transportation & Logistics

Supply Chain Survey Results Summary

June 22, 2021—Analysis suggests that the pandemic was more than just a hit to revenue and supply disruption — it was a wake-up call relative to supply chain resiliency.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

Lassoing Ecuador Back In: A New Era for Ecuador

June 21, 2021—Ecuador is facing a new political landscape after the presidential inauguration of Guillermo Lasso, ending a government led by the correismo movement.

Real Estate, Corporate Finance & Restructuring

Outsourcing Gains Traction with Real Estate Investment Managers

June 18, 2021—A new report examines why real estate managers outsource certain back-office functions, as well as what makes an outsourcing relationship successful.

Retail & Consumer Products, Corporate Finance & Restructuring

2021 Online Retail Forecast Report

June 18, 2021—There is no going back to pre-pandemic shopping habits for a majority of consumers, and this will tend to benefit large online and omnichannel sellers.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Stark Law Revisions: Don’t Abandon FMV Just Yet!

June 17, 2021—Changes to the Stark Law are only applicable to 100% value-based contracts, a situation unlikely to be realized by most providers during the next 5+ years.

Compass Lexecon’s Pro Bono Client, the Estate of George P. Floyd, Reaches Wrongful Death Settlement

June 16, 2021—FTI Consulting’s Compass Lexecon assisted with a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by the Estate of George P. Floyd on a pro bono basis.

Pro Bono: A Hands-On Approach to Community Development

June 16, 2021—Following the pandemic, FTI Consulting partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City to enhance the organization’s reporting capabilities.

Strategic Communications

Pro Bono: Communicating During a Pandemic - South African Solidarity Fund

June 16, 2021—FTI Consulting’s Strategic Communications segment provided pro bono expertise and tactical execution to support The South African Solidarity Fund.

Insurance, Telecom, Media & Technology (TMT)

Where to Look for the Smoking Gun of Data in Today’s Forensic Investigations

June 14, 2021—The large-scale shift to remote working and use of mobile devices means investigators must dig for data and communications in unconventional places.

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