Everybody’s Talking About Generative AI

September 28, 2023—Generative AI (“Gen. AI”) has surfaced as a ground-breaking tool, but what exactly is it and how is it going to impact your business?

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UK-Luxembourg Double Taxation Agreement

September 27, 2023—Luxembourg Parliament ratified the long-awaited updated UK-Luxembourg Double Taxation Agreement, which aligns the treaty with the majority of other countries.

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Three Questions Bankers Should Ask Companies Doing Business in Germany Now

September 26, 2023—What are German companies doing to prepare for a possible energy shock after last year’s surprisingly mild winter? Are they positioned for the long term?

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Payment Firms Under the Microscope – Do Your Financial Crime Controls Stand Up to Regulatory Scrutiny?

September 22, 2023—EU and UK regulatory publications indicate focus on the financial crime risks within the payments sector. Find out how FTI Consulting can help your firm.

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Can Germany’s Retail Producers Find Relief From Economic Pressure?

September 19, 2023—Smaller firms that specialise in consumer goods are facing challenges following COVID-19 and the consumer crisis. What are their options for survival?

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The Activism Vulnerability Report

September 12, 2023—FTI Consulting’s Activism and M&A Solutions September 2023 Activism Vulnerability Report highlights the findings from our Activism Vulnerability Screener for 2Q23.

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When the Black Swan Comes From Within

September 08, 2023—Social and technological changes have elevated the amount of potential harm a rogue employee can do. Here’s what the general counsel should know.

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More Than Mere Survival: The GC’s Role in Moving Beyond Crisis

September 08, 2023—In-house counsel should coordinate inside leaders and outside advisors to respond to a crisis. But they also have a role in longer-term response.

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Preparing for the Inevitable Black Swan

September 07, 2023—A black swan event is rare, catastrophic and defies prediction. But there are ways to mitigate, and even minimize, the resulting crisis.

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