Not Even a Raging Bull Market Can Rescue SPACs

July 09, 2024—While financial markets and other major asset classes continue to rally, special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) aren’t having the same good fortune.

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Sanctions Reviews: A Data-Driven Approach

July 08, 2024—Sanctions reviews are crucial for financial institutions regulatory and compliance framework. Regulatory scrutiny necessitates internal reviews.

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Going Green Starts with Blue: The Water Impact of India’s Energy Sector

July 08, 2024—This report examines water usage in India's energy sector, highlighting high demand and offering solutions for sustainable management and reduced water impact.

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Recording the Past, Decoding the Future: Building a Data Centre Construction Programme

July 04, 2024—Delay expert Brijes Patel discusses the key elements of a robust construction programme for data centre projects, including practices for programme updates.

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Fifth Circuit Vacates SEC Private Fund Advisers Rule

July 03, 2024—FTI Consulting’s Senior Managing Director Josh Herrenkohl explains the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to vacate the SEC Private Fund Advisers Rule.

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The State of Emerging Data 2023

July 02, 2024—Emerging data sources passed a tipping point this year. It was an expected turn for experts watching the evolution of systems over the past several years.

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Restaurant Predictions for the Next 12 Months

July 01, 2024—The restaurant landscape continues to transform from a traditional industry with centuries-long standards to a dynamic sector that moves with the times.

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Outlook on the Homologation of Restructurings

July 01, 2024—The new Bankruptcy Law in Spain is more agile and better suited to helping companies that are in difficulty but have a chance at recovering.

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Shielding the C-Suite

June 27, 2024—Increasing ESG litigation and regulation needs transparency and diligence in corporate governance. ESG risks impact D&O insurance and executive accountability.

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