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How Tech Firms Can Get a Head Start on the New National Cybersecurity Strategy

May 15, 2023—As cybersecurity matures, the White House wants to lean heavily on the private sector to help manage risk to our critical infrastructure.

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Solving the Data Conundrum Under the UK’s New Consumer Duty Rules

April 27, 2023—A strategy for collecting and managing consumer outcome information to help insurers comply with the Financial Conduct Authority’s coming regulations

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Five Points to Keep in Mind Before the EU’s AI Act Takes Effect

May 09, 2023—Even as the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act continues to take shape, businesses should look to clues about the future of AI regulation.

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Is Executive Compensation the Answer to ESG Accountability?

May 09, 2023—Company boards are more closely linking incentive plans with the achievement of ESG goals. Positive outcomes could lead to a competitive advantage.

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New Regulatory Frameworks Are Supporting Nuclear Plant Financing

May 11, 2023—Two UK projects offer models of contractual and financing schemes that can facilitate new nuclear power plant investment in liberalised markets.

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The Four Risks of the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act: Is Your Company Ready?

April 18, 2023—The Act divides AI systems into four risk categories that range from minimal to unacceptable. Knowing the differences is critical for compliance.

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Now Playing: A Growing Market for Diverse Content

April 03, 2023—As Paramount explores the sale of BET, spend on content with diverse casts is expected to outpace overall growth in spend across streaming, film and TV.

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