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Strategic Communications

Can Data Privacy Be a Competitive Advantage?

March 12, 2021—The ambiguity around protecting data and regulatory compliance creates a tension for companies that they must navigate to stay competitive.

Global Risk & Investigations Practice (GRIP), Forensic & Litigation Consulting

In the Hot Seat: Presenting Remote Investigations to the Government

March 8, 2021—The final article in a series on remote investigations looks at how to meet the unique expectations of enforcement agencies under COVID-19 restrictions.

Economic Consulting, Healthcare & Life Sciences

COVID-19 Vaccination: A Shot in the Arm for Health — and the Economy

March 3, 2021—Businesses supporting a vaccination program within their workforces can help public health and economic recovery while improving productivity.

Economic Consulting, Energy, Power & Products (EPP)

Is Your Company a Greenhouse Gas Culprit?

February 19, 2021—With investors so focused on the E in ESG, now is the time to root out the unexpected sources of pollution coming from your supply chain and elsewhere.

Technology, Information Technology

5 Steps to Ensure Your Business is Compliant with the Next Set of Data Privacy Laws

August 11, 2020—The California Consumer Privacy Act is paving the way for similar laws in states across the country. Companies should position for general compliance.

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