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When the Black Swan Comes From Within

September 08, 2023—Social and technological changes have elevated the amount of potential harm a rogue employee can do. Here’s what the general counsel should know.

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More Than Mere Survival: The GC’s Role in Moving Beyond Crisis

September 08, 2023—In-house counsel should coordinate inside leaders and outside advisors to respond to a crisis. But they also have a role in longer-term response.

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Preparing for the Inevitable Black Swan

September 07, 2023—A black swan event is rare, catastrophic and defies prediction. But there are ways to mitigate, and even minimize, the resulting crisis.

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Missteps the GC Should Avoid in the First 48 Hours of a Crisis

September 05, 2023—The urge to spring into action when crisis strikes is instinctive. Strategic tactics can scale back pressure on the GC to launch an effective response.

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The GC and ESG: From Great Risk Comes Great Opportunity

August 28, 2023—General counsels increasingly lead the charge for meeting company ESG standards. Here’s how they can identify opportunities for creating shareholder value.

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Can I Speed Up the Pathway to FDA Approval of My New Drug?

August 16, 2023—As pharma and biotech firms face ever-increasing pressure to bring their products to market, many are asking how to expedite going from bench to bedside.

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The SEC’s Revised Cybersecurity Rules Have Global Reach

August 01, 2023—If your company is publicly traded in the U.S. — whether headquartered in the U.S. or abroad — new cybersecurity and disclosure rules apply.

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The Four Risks of the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act: Is Your Company Ready?

July 25, 2023—The Act divides AI systems into four risk categories that range from minimal to unacceptable. Knowing the differences is critical for compliance.

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