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Transportation & Logistics

FTI Consulting’s global Transportation and Logistics group includes sector experts who represent a diverse client and industry base and provide our clients with deep expertise. Our team has a unique and comprehensive bank of industry knowledge that is based on experience across all areas of transportation and logistics. Whether you are a shipper, carrier, manufacturer, logistics service provider (LSP), debt provider or PE firm, FTI Consulting’s vast industry-agnostic capabilities can service your needs and optimize your business.

Our comprehensive suite of services and capabilities includes warehouse optimization, e-commerce, implementation and integration of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Transportation Management Systems (TMS), reverse logistics, insource/outsource/Third-Party Logistics (3PL), and interim management, among other capabilities.

How We Help

Warehouse Optimization

We work with our clients to assess operational efficiencies in their current warehouse operations. Our team has deep experience in optimizing warehousing footprints for global supply chains, improving process flows within the four walls, along with asset utilization and labor productivity, and implementing and tracking warehouse SLAs and KPIs.


With the rising demands that e-commerce is placing on global supply chains, our clients are faced with pivoting their transportation and logistics networks to meet the SLAs of their customers. We help our clients meet market needs by identifying the right inventory levels and distributions, selecting picking and order-fulfillment technology, and helping to integrate or set up on-demand warehousing.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Fluctuating customer demands are putting a strain on our clients’ WMS/TMS systems. In order to keep up with the increase in warehouse and transportation volumes, the industry is rapidly moving to update their WMS/TMS systems. Our experts can help select the best WMS/TMS fit for our clients’ needs and oversee the implementation or integration into their operations.

Reverse Logistics

The exponential growth in e-commerce has in turn drastically increased the need for companies to have expertise in reverse logistics and returns handling, as well as adequate space to store the product, process flow to handle the returns, and proper facility design to maximize their handling efficiency. Our team has years of experience in managing and implementing reverse-logistics operations for e-commerce companies, as well as in industries such as high tech, fashion, and consumer goods and retail.

Insource/Outsource/ Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

As companies assess their capital expenditures related to warehousing and logistics, FTI Consulting can help them make smarter decisions around insourcing, outsourcing or choosing a 3PL provider for their operations. We have experience transitioning client operations to any of the three options.

Interim Management

Unexpected events occur that leave companies in need of an interim management or C-level position. Our experts are able to step into various leadership positions to assist in managing daily operations and business strategy until our clients are able to provide a full-time employee for this function.

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