Risk Management, Governance and Compliance

Businesses in Australia are facing increasing regulatory, economic and legal challenges. Triggered by shifts in business models, transactions or other corporate events, these changes can result in disruption and lead to organisational uncertainty and instability.

Our experts at FTI Consulting can independently assess the risks facing a business, and the effectiveness of relevant risk management, governance and compliance frameworks designed to prevent, detect and respond to instances of financial crime and misconduct. We can provide you with transparent and impartial reviews of policies, procedures and controls to help clients remediate gaps, mitigate risks and maintain stakeholder confidence.

Our Risk and Investigations team has a track record of advising organisations in Australia across industry sectors including financial services, agriculture, construction and infrastructure, and government. We bring a multidisciplinary approach to matters that are often complex or multi-jurisdictional in nature. We work as one team of professionals across Australia, regionally and globally, as required.

Our services include investigations, due diligence and business intelligence, asset tracing, data analytics, anti-bribery and corruption, fraud and financial crime risk and compliance, digital forensics, valuations and strategic communications. As one multidisciplinary team, our dedicated experts will efficiently and effectively solve critical issues that involve:

  • The identification and analysis of fraud, corruption and misconduct risks
  • Understanding the Australian foreign bribery regime
  • Anti–money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessment and regulatory compliance reviews
  • Analysing and evaluating risk management and governance frameworks
  • Evaluating monitoring and surveillance programs
  • Overseeing and assisting with breach reporting
  • Preparing independent reports including reporting in relation to modern slavery
  • Acting as an independent expert for regulatory actions.

Our ability to draw on FTI Consulting experts from around the world, brings an impressive bench strength with the ability to scale in accordance with the challenges you may be facing.

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