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Why German Companies Should Prepare Now for the Next Challenge in the Energy Market

October 17, 2023—Despite dire predictions, Germany avoided an energy crisis last winter by radically changing its gas imports and significantly reducing energy consumption.

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Three Questions Bankers Should Ask Companies Doing Business in Germany Now

September 26, 2023—What are German companies doing to prepare for a possible energy shock after last year’s surprisingly mild winter? Are they positioned for the long term?

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Can Germany’s Retail Producers Find Relief From Economic Pressure?

September 19, 2023—Smaller firms that specialise in consumer goods are facing challenges following COVID-19 and the consumer crisis. What are their options for survival?

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How European Auto Suppliers Should Think About the Future

September 12, 2023—Economic headwinds are stalling the recovery of the continent’s auto suppliers. What are the short and long term actions they can take for survival and growth?

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Claim Everything. Explain Nothing. Deny Everything

June 30, 2023—The key components of a successful claim for time and money.

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Corporate Communication and the ‘Zeitenwende’

May 03, 2023—Corporate leaders have been expected to speak out on diversity, migration and social justice. But any gains for their reputation are offset by risks.

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Avoiding Disputes in Complex Construction Projects: A Civil Engineer Weighs In

January 20, 2023—How developers, contractors, state agencies and other parties on edge about an uncertain economy might reduce the chances of disputes and delays.

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Restructuring Communications in a Multi-Crisis Environment

May 11, 2023—Corporate restructurings in Germany are likely to be more uncertain in the future. Gaining support from key stakeholders can be the difference-maker.

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Four Questions Retailers Should Ask Themselves to Improve Stability

November 30, 2022—Stationary retailers in Germany are experiencing economic pressures. Dealing with liquidity issues is critical, it’s also wise to eye long-term strategies.

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3 Things That Might Surprise You About the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

November 14, 2022—Overview of how the Germany Supply Chain Act, due to take effect on January 1, 2023, will affect all companies that do business in Germany.

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It’s Complicated: Relationships in the Automotive Supply Chain Are More Complex Than You Think

September 23, 2022—The last few years have been particularly hard on global supply chains. The Covid-19 pandemic, geopolitical disruptions have all put pressure on suppliers.

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Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst: Construction Disputes Rising in the EU

September 22, 2022—Economic headwinds in the EU have worked their way into the construction industry. As a result, projects may find themselves at odds over outcomes.

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Black Swans and Long-Term Thinking: How To Thrive in the Automotive Industry of Tomorrow

September 21, 2022—The COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted multiple industries, with it hitting automotive particularly hard. But in truth, suppliers have been facing issues.

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The Latest Generation of M&A Disputes: Four Trends

September 20, 2022—Looking back on the strongest M&A market in history and the disputes that have been emerging.

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Preparing for a Complex Future in Digital Investigations

September 19, 2022—As the business world continues to transform, apps, devices, and platforms complicate the work of investigators looking into corporate violations.

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Preventing Attacks from Activist Investors Through Transparent Forecasts

March 24, 2022—Activist investors are becoming increasingly active. One way to prevent attacks is to be transparent about the estimated future performance of the company.

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The Competitive City of the Future

May 18, 2022—Key challenges all cities worldwide are facing are digitisation, decentralisation, changing mobility, sustainability and recovery, and developing a brand.

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Effects of COVID-19 on Selected Real Estate Markets

May 18, 2022—Travel and contact restrictions, starting in the spring of 2020, have hit real estate markets hard – having a knock-on effect on the owners and landlords.

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