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Economic & Financial Consulting

Loss of Profits of a Service Company Following Its Expropriation

November 15, 2022—FTI Consulting was instructed to estimate the damages suffered by a producer and distributor of prepaid vouchers following its illegal expropriation.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Damages Related to a Shareholder Dispute in the Insurance and Banking Sector

November 15, 2022—FTI Consulting assessed the damages suffered by two companies that acquired a minority stake in a group operating in the insurance sector in Africa.

Economic Consulting, Energy, Power & Products (EPP)

Economic Regulation of State-Investor Relations in African Infrastructure

October 14, 2022—We have carried out numerous assignments with public agencies and African governments on all phases of PPPs in the gas, power and renewable energy sectors.

Strategic Communications

Leading From the Front: The Social CEO Goes Mainstream

July 27, 2022—CEOs and business leaders engaging on social media is now the norm. CEOs publishing the odd tweet or LinkedIn post strengthens stakeholder relationships.

Economic & Financial Consulting

The Effective Use of Expert Witnesses in France

May 26, 2022—Party appointed experts are increasingly being used in French litigation. In this article, we consider the specificities of the use of expert witnesses.

Economic Consulting, Energy & Utilities

New LNG Regasification Terminals in Europe

May 24, 2022—Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) appears to be a solution for many European countries to diversify natural gas supply and cut reliance on Russian gas.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Shareholder Dispute

April 18, 2022—FTI Consulting was instructed by the minority shareholder of a holding company to give its opinion on the conditions of the disputed sale transaction.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Damage Related to the Performance of a Distribution Contract

April 14, 2022—FTI Consulting was instructed by the respondent patent distributor to analyse the expert’s report submitted in support of the rights holder’s claim.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Damage Resulting From the Non-Performance of an Assignment Contract

April 14, 2022—FTI Consulting was appointed as an independent expert by an investor selling shopping centers to value its losses following the cancellation of the sale.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Damage Resulting From the Termination of a Franchise Agreement

April 14, 2022—A franchisor in the fast-food sector terminated the contract of its franchisee after two years because the schedule for opening restaurants was not met.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Damage Resulting From Unfair Competition

April 12, 2022—FTI Consulting gave its independent expert opinion on damage claimed by a pharmaceutical company that produced a disputed communication by a competitor.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Damage Resulting From Anti-Competitive Practices

April 07, 2022—FTI Consulting was instructed by a manufacturer, accused by a retail group following anti-competitive practices, to analyse the damage claimed.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Damage Caused by the Failure of an IT Project

April 06, 2022—FTI Consulting was engaged by an IT service provider to provide its opinion on the claimed loss by a publishing group following the failure of a project.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Damage Resulting From a Breach of a Commercial Relationship

April 06, 2022—Following a breach of commercial relations, FTI Consulting provided an independent opinion on the loss from the insufficient notice period granted.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Management Dispute

April 04, 2022—FTI Consulting was appointed by a service company to give its opinion on the damages caused by the mismanagement of the dismissed former manager.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Post-Acquisition Litigation

April 04, 2022—FTI Consulting was appointed by the buyer of retirement homes to give its opinion on the financial impact of the disputed transactions by the seller.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Business Interruption Damage

March 31, 2022—FTI Consulting was appointed by a hypermarket located on a public highway undergoing major disruptions due to construction work, to assess the losses.

Reprint, Forensic & Litigation Consulting

INDepth: Corporate Fraud & Corruption 2022

March 29, 2022—FTI Consulting’s Karl Payeur and Cyril Naudin give their insights on the latest trends in corporate fraud & corruption in France in Financier Worldwide.

Economic Consulting, Energy, Power & Products (EPP)

Europe Can Cease Its Reliance on Russian Gas Imports by the End of 2025

March 23, 2022—In this white paper, we look at the review of recent European gas prices, and our analysis of the possible European gas supply and demand evolutions.

Construction, Forensic & Litigation Consulting

Arbitration Proceedings: Provision of Expert Evidence in Construction and Engineering Disputes…an Expert View

February 02, 2022—This booklet relates to the quality and production of expert evidence and explains the roles and expectations of experts in arbitration proceedings.

Valuation European Gas Midstream Retail Companies

March 01, 2021—A state-owned energy company commissioned FTI Consulting to assess the value of a dozen European subsidiaries operating in the midstream and downstream gas industry.

Energy & Utilities, Economic Consulting

Electricity Interconnection

February 03, 2021—European countries have expressed an ambition to achieve Net Zero emissions targets by 2050. However, such ambitions pose challenges to the power markets.

Project Financing - Review of Mozambique LNG

November 23, 2020—Despite the COVID-19 outbreak and the unprecedented impacts the lockdown measures have had on global economic activity, one of the largest infrastructure financing deals to date (~$15bn) was closed.

LNG Contract Renegotiation

November 11, 2020—FTI Consulting was retained by an LNG producer to conduct an assessment of the value of gas in the destination market and the value of LNG flexibility.

Small-Scale LNG Markets in Europe

November 11, 2020—FTI Consulting provided advice to a major player in the upstream and midstream LNG industry who was considering market entry in small-scale LNG in Europe.

Design of LNG Short-Term Tender

November 10, 2020—FTI Consulting helped a natural gas Transmission System Operator (TSO) to secure a flow commitment from LNG imports to get a short-term LNG purchase tender.

Review of Upstream Gas Price Indexation

November 10, 2020—FTI Consulting supported an African energy firm in negotiating a price review for their gas supply agreement. Eventually suggesting a new pricing model.

LNG Supply & FSRU Contracts Negotiation

November 11, 2020—FTI Consulting supported an African state-owned energy company that envisaged commissioning a large-scale LNG import infrastructure & supply.

Future of Gas

November 10, 2020—The Belgian gas pipeline operator wants to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of different outlooks of gas penetration in the Belgian energy mix until 2040.

Build-Operate-Transfer Power Plant Contracts

November 10, 2020—FTI Consulting assisted a West African country in two new Combined Cycle Gas Turbine projects as part of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

Benchmark of Regulatory Regimes for an LNG Terminal

November 10, 2020—FTI Consulting advised an LNG terminal on what could be the most advantageous regulatory regimes to be applied for the existing terminal and its expansion.

LNG Terminal’s Short-Term Flexibility Value

November 10, 2020—FTI Consulting assisted a capacity holder at a European LNG terminal who wanted to use its LNG terminal capacity towards its security of supply obligation.

LNG Terminal Strategy

November 09, 2020—FTI Consulting supported an LNG terminal operator on its new commercial and regulatory strategy after the expiry of initial long-term contracts.

LNG Price Review Negotiation

November 09, 2020—FTI Consulting provided an independent assessment of the changes of gas and LNG markets and their impact on the value of gas and value of LNG flexibility

Gas/Electricity Sectors Coupling

November 02, 2020—FTI Consulting was commissioned to conduct a review to highlight the main barriers to gas/electricity sector coupling and providing possible solutions.

Delay in the Construction of an LNG Liquefaction Plant

October 30, 2020—FTI Consulting intervened to quantify the economic losses of a State-owned African energy company as a result of a delay of an LNG liquefaction terminal.

Dunkerque LNG Commercial & Regulatory Due Diligence

October 29, 2020—FTI Consulting provided commercial and regulatory due diligence advice to an infrastructure investment firm considering bidding for Total and EDF’s share.

LNG Carriers Fleet Due Diligence

October 28, 2020—FTI Consulting advised an infrastructure fund in its investment decision regarding a $1bn transaction for the purchase of a fleet of LNG carriers.

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