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Susan Liese Pope

  • Managing Director
  • Economic Consulting
  • T: +1 617 747 1860
  • F: +1 617 576 3524
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    • 200 State Street
    • 9th Floor
    • Boston, MA, 02109
    • United States
    • T: +1 617 897 1500
    • F: +1 617 897 1510

Susan Pope is a Managing Director with FTI Consulting based in Boston. Susan Pope is in the energy practice in the Economic Consulting segment. Dr. Pope has 20 years of consulting experience in the electric power sector. She specializes in the economic and public policy analysis of electricity markets, advising clients on the design, improvement and performance of bid-based electricity spot markets, capacity markets, and ancillary service markets. She has expertise in leading discussions of alternatives for the design of regional electricity markets and of the related topics of transmission rights and transmission cost recovery. She has participated extensively in the stakeholder processes used to form and direct the operation of independent system operators and has led stakeholder groups through discussions of a number of controversial issues.

Dr. Pope is a member of a team of economists that has worked with the New York Independent System Operator, PJM, the California ISO, the Midwest ISO, ERCOT, the Ontario IESO and ISO-New England, as well as with organizations in other regions, on the design of rules for the operation of wholesale electricity markets. Throughout her career, Dr. Pope has also worked for other electricity sector clients, providing advisory services to established companies and market entrants facing a range of strategic and tactical decisions. Dr. Pope provides expert support for clients participating in a variety of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and state regulatory proceedings.

  • Dr. Pope’s knowledge of the operation of electricity markets facilitates the proposal of novel engineering economic solutions. She and her colleagues conceived and developed innovations that are widely used in electricity markets today, such as financial transmission rights (FTRs), auction revenue rights (ARRs), auctions of FTRs and ARRs, the two-settlement system for energy, and shortage pricing for operating reserves.
  • Dr. Pope advises clients on the potential risks and benefits of alternative business ventures, electricity market rules, or regulatory outcomes, supporting this advice with detailed market research, clear illustrations, economic analysis, or modeling to the extent required.
  • Dr. Pope works with coalitions of clients and stakeholder groups and is experienced in simplifying the communication of technical ideas. Within client organizations, she works with engineers, economists, lawyers and senior management, providing consulting services geared to different forums, whether they are regulatory proceedings, stakeholder meetings or meetings of senior executives.

Dr. Pope has provided written and direct testimony in a number of cases before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and has played a key role in important proceedings, advising on case strategy and coordinating testimony and analyses from multiple parties. She is the co-author of a number of white papers and has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting, Dr. Pope was a Principal at LECG, LLC for over ten years and, prior to this, a Principal and Associate at Putnam, Hayes and Bartlett, Inc.

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