The National Security Question No Organization Wants to Face

February 07, 2023—The Feds discover that a nation-state has hacked into your company’s network and wants to keep it secret for national security reasons. Do you cooperate?

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Distressed Sale Discounts

February 06, 2023—Distressed sale discounts have a material impact on the conclusions of valuations performed in restructuring contexts. Our experts highlight the key factors.

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Doing Business in Mexico: Risk and Security Assessment

February 03, 2023—The North American Leaders’ Summit touched on Mexico’s current risk climate. How does the security situation affect the rest of the continent?

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Assessment of the Impact of High Energy Prices on the Competitiveness of France’s Chemical Industry

February 06, 2023—FTI Consulting was selected by France Chimie to study the impact of differing energy prices on the competitiveness of the national chemical industry.

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2023 Special Situations Investor Survey

January 31, 2023—Research aggregates views from UK-based investors, reflecting on recent distressed deal activity and providing an outlook for the year ahead.

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Can Peru Recover from Political Instability?

January 31, 2023—Peru is in political and social turmoil as president Castillo impeached, and Dina Boluarte, first female leader in the country, sworn into office.

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Driving Profitability Through Sustainable 100-Day Plans

January 26, 2023—If continued focus beyond a 100-day plan has clear definition and structure, creating additional value until economic conditions improve for PE firms.

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The Use of Statistical Samples in Commercial Disputes

January 24, 2023—What do legal practitioners need to know about sampling? How can samples be used to their full potential, while avoiding common pitfalls?

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Recession or Not, 2023 Will See Elevated Restructuring Activity — but Maybe Not a Boom

January 23, 2023—For the restructuring profession, 2023 is set up to be a strong year for corporate distress and reorganization whether a recession materializes or not.

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