Corporate Finance & Restructuring, Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Mining, Strategic Communications

Evolution in African Mining: Investing in the Energy Transition, ESG, and the Economies

May 04, 2022—While powering new strategies and transforming the energy transition, ESG, and the economies, these advancements will change how African mines operate.

Corporate Finance, Retail & Consumer Products, Strategic Communications, Technology

Coworking Is Here to Stay — But the Next Generation May Surprise You

April 29, 2022—Companies want to attract talent. Employees want more workplace amenities. Coworking may be the win-win everyone is looking for.

Construction, Forensic & Litigation Consulting

Third Party Funding: A Source of Capital for Any Company With a Good Legal Claim

April 28, 2022—FTI Consulting and Augusta Ventures address some of the common questions and perceptions surrounding third party funding for construction disputes.

Financial Services, Forensic & Litigation Consulting

EU Sanctions Developments on Russia/Ukraine

April 21, 2022—Since 2014, the European Union (“EU”) has progressively imposed restrictive measures against Russia in response to the illegal annexation of Crimea.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Shareholder Dispute

April 18, 2022—FTI Consulting was instructed by the minority shareholder of a holding company to give its opinion on the conditions of the disputed sale transaction.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Damage Related to the Performance of a Distribution Contract

April 14, 2022—FTI Consulting was instructed by the respondent patent distributor to analyse the expert’s report submitted in support of the rights holder’s claim.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Damage Resulting From the Non-Performance of an Assignment Contract

April 14, 2022—FTI Consulting was appointed as an independent expert by an investor selling shopping centers to value its losses following the cancellation of the sale.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Damage Resulting From the Termination of a Franchise Agreement

April 14, 2022—A franchisor in the fast-food sector terminated the contract of its franchisee after two years because the schedule for opening restaurants was not met.

Economic & Financial Consulting

Damage Resulting From Unfair Competition

April 12, 2022—FTI Consulting gave its independent expert opinion on damage claimed by a pharmaceutical company that produced a disputed communication by a competitor.

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