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What We Do

For more than 35 years, FTI Platt Sparks has offered consulting petroleum engineering and geoscience services to clients. Our clients include major, mid-size and independent oil and gas companies as well as government agencies, mineral owners, surface owners and mid-stream transportation and processing companies. We perform routine petroleum engineering and geoscience analyses for our clients’ internal use and provide expert witness analysis and testimony in litigation, regulatory, bankruptcy, arbitration and mediation matters. Our experts have testified in hundreds of litigation matters, regulatory hearings, arbitrations and mediations.

Who We Are

Before joining FTI Platt Sparks, our professionals worked for major, mid-size and independent oil and gas producers, oilfield service companies and regulatory agencies. They have, on average, more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and are professionally licensed in many states.

Where We’ve Worked

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