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Expert Witness Analysis & Testimony

We provide expert witness testimony in litigation, regulatory, bankruptcy, arbitration and mediation matters. We recognize that to be an effective expert witness we must:

  • Apply our education, training and experience to design comprehensive engineering and geologic analyses that appropriately address the issues of the case;
  • Work as part of an integrated team of experts coordinated by the attorneys in charge of the case;
  • Support the attorneys in understanding and rebutting the opposing side’s technical case;
  • Develop testimony and exhibits that clearly and effectively explain the oilfield issues of the case and go on to present our findings and conclusions to judges, juries, arbiters and mediators who may or may not have any familiarity with the oil and gas operations, regulations or contracts governing operations.

Our Oil & Gas Experience

Our professional staff of petroleum engineers and geoscientists, on average, have more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Before joining FTI Platt Sparks, our professionals worked for major, mid-size and independent oil and gas producers, oilfield service companies and regulatory agencies. They are members of and current or past officers in industry professional organizations, such as SPE, SPEE, SPWLA, AAPG and SEG.

Our petroleum engineers are all licensed to practice as professional engineers.

Our Industry Understanding

FTI Platt Sparks was originally formed over 35 years ago to provide regulatory support for our clients during the exploration and development boom of the late 1970’s. To this day, a major focus of our practice is to help guide our clients through the regulatory process and represent our clients before regulatory agencies, including contested regulatory hearings. Based on our early regulatory successes, our clients began relying on us in litigation. The second major focus of our practice is to provide technical analysis and testimony to meet our clients’ needs in litigation, arbitration, mediation and bankruptcy matters.

Our Legal Experience

Our professionals recognize that their technical work is only a part of the entire case being presented in litigation matters or contested in regulatory hearings. We have decades of experience coordinating the presentation of our findings and conclusions with other testifying experts, including economists, contract/regulatory law experts, forensic accountants, etc.

Our Approach

Our technical analyses and testimony are of little use to the client unless the deciders of fact, liability and damages understand what we are saying. Recognizing this, we design our testimony and exhibits to be appropriate for the technical competence of the audience.

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