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FTI Named in Consulting Magazine’s Best Firm to Work For

FTI Consulting | (Reprint)

October 1, 2018

Each year, it seems, a firm comes in and shakes up the Best Firms to Work For rankings. This year, that firm is FTI Consulting. The Washington, DC-based Financial Consulting firm is making its Best Firms debut this year at No. 8. “For us to be named a Best Firm to Work For speaks to the core mission that we have been on these last few years, which is to ensure we are leveraging our expertise to help our clients with the most significant challenges they face,” says Steven Gunby, President and CEO of FTI Consulting. “As a result, we are winning the biggest assignments and providing tremendous opportunities for our people to support their growth and development.”


Over the last several years a huge amount of people have done a huge amount of work to unleash the underlying potential of FTI Consulting, Gunby says, focusing on identifying and betting boldly behind positions where it feels it has a right to win, and pursuing adjacency to better serve clients, drive earnings and create opportunities for the staff. As a result, the firm’s morale has never been better. “Our most recent Employee Engagement Survey had the highest employee satisfaction and engagement numbers since we started the survey in 2014,” Gunby says. “We also saw the best scores we have had for teamwork and collaboration across the firm.”

One of the reasons, Gunby says, is because over the past few years leadership has worked to ensure the firm is building an inclusive and transparent culture. Some of these efforts have been turbocharging existing programs, and some of these are new. “Collectively, these initiatives enable FTI Consulting to be more than the sum of its parts because collaboration and teaming across our global platform creates more opportunities for growth for our people and more effective and diverse teams for our clients,” Gunby says.

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