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Investment Outlook Positive as Africa Engages with Reforms

FTI Consulting's Annual Research on Africa

Strategic Communications

May 5, 2017

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The outlook for investment activity across Africa is looking very promising, particularly in Eastern Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa – and the outlook has improved significantly for North Africa, according to a new survey of informed opinion leaders on Africa by FTI Consulting.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents indicated they believed overall investment in the continent would increase over the next 12 months. As well, 85% of respondents said they were positive in their general outlook for investment activity in Africa over the next 12 months. For East Africa, 90% of respondents said they were positive, while 80% said they were positive about Sub-Saharan Africa. For North Africa, the percentage of those saying they were positive doubled over the past 12 months to 66%.

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Key Contacts

Max Gebhardt

Managing Director, Head of South Africa Strategic Communications

Dan Healy

Managing Director