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May Day – Top 10 Findings

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December 3, 2018


On the back of May’s Brexit agreement, cabinet resignations and a flurry of media coverage on the topic, FTI Consulting conducted research to help clients understand UK public opinion and voter perspective.

In just 2 hours after starting the research, we were able to collect the opinions of 1,012 respondents online, representative of UK adult general population (15th November 2018 from 3pm to 5pm). Below are our top 10 findings from this research, delving into the possible scenarios, forecasts and repercussions of a ‘People’s Vote’ and a potential UK General Election, based on behavioural and psychological profiling (i.e. voter turnout) as the political debate in the UK continues to show little sign of abating.

#1. Support for a ‘People’s Vote’

62% of the UK want a second referendum; dubbed the ‘People’s Vote’, to decide what the UK’s relationship with the EU should be. Those who voted ‘Leave’ in 2016 are less enthusiastic however, with 58% claiming that the politicians should decide, not the people.

#2. The pendulum swings, but will the voters?

If there was a ‘People’s Vote’: 53% would vote ‘Remain in the EU’. However, this is based on 84% claiming they would actually vote. Moreover, 33% say they could still change their mind.

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