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Advocating in a Time of Crisis: Navigating the Brussels Bubble as Coronavirus Grips Europe

Strategic Communications

June 22, 2020


A new European Commission and Parliament is a difficult enough challenge at the best of times. Throw in a global pandemic and it could seem daunting. Advocating to protect your policy interests may not seem an urgent priority at a time of crisis, but it still matters. As the political and business communities continue to focus on managing public concerns and the immediate implications of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, the day-to-day advocacy programme continues, albeit under very different circumstances. So, how is Brussels adapting to these extraordinary times. What should you be prioritising?

Europe at the epicenter of a global pandemic

These are extraordinary times. Health officials have been expecting and planning for a major epidemic for some time. In most cases emergency responses are well prepared, some better than others. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has now declared Europe as the epicentre of the current corona virus scare.

The immediate impact and response have differed across the EU’s 27 Member States and its direct neighbours, but it has been swift, as it has been dramatic. When Belgium went into a formal lockdown last week, it was obliged to follow national protocols that have seen widespread restrictions in terms of active engagements, events and meetings, playing havoc with the EU’s policy process in what remains a busy programme and a formative time in the consultation process. How will this impact the legislative programme and what should companies and other organisations be doing to safeguard their positions?

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Key Contacts

Hans Hack

Senior Managing Director, Head of Brussels Strategic Communications

Petra Wilson

Senior Advisor