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FTI Consulting Crisis Response Brochure

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

September 28, 2018


Maximizing recovery after a catastrophic loss requires expertise in preparing claims, combined with a thorough understanding of the industries, market and operations.

Recent storms have wrought unprecedented destruction. Once the initial emergency ends, long and expensive cleanup and recovery efforts begin with ongoing safety concerns and loss mitigation. At the same time, insurance coverage, contract obligations, operational interruptions, and environmental impacts all must be dealt with quickly and thoroughly. FTI Consulting stands ready to provide support and assistance. FTI Consulting’s unique ability to combine both industry and insurance expertise has helped our clients get the values correct when they file a claim. Our approach ensures that the client can focus on getting themselves back up and running while we minimize disruption as we utilize our industry experts who understand the unique nature of their business.

Our industry expertise includes:

Petroleum Refining, Petrochemicals / Chemicals, Hospitality & Gaming, Construction & Real Estate, Food & Agricultural Products, Transportation, Hospitals & Universities, Retail and Manufacturing

Our practices include:

Insurance Claim Preparation & Forensic Accounting, Expert Witness Testimony & Litigation Support, Determination of Insurable Value, Insurance and Reinsurance Allocations, Strategic Communications and Environmental Assessment

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