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Services for the Cannabis Industry Brochure

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July 5, 2019

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Navigating the overlapping state and federal regulations that affect cannabis in North America requires deep knowledge in many disciplines and commitment to the evolving cannabis industry. Individual states continue to approve its use for medical and recreational use, while the federal government continues to treat all cannabis products as illicit and dangerous narcotics, except for legally grown industrial hemp. Laws, regulations and enforcement will continue to be murky, leading to new threats of business disruption – and new opportunities.

Our team understands the unique challenges of the cannabis industry from local, national and global perspectives and, as one of the first major U.S.-based business advisory firms to establish a cannabis-specific practice, FTI Consulting is committed to helping the industry grow and succeed.

Let’s Grow Together

At every phase of the business lifecycle, from entrepreneurial startup to multi-national corporation, FTI Consulting offers the cannabis industry a suite of solutions and services that address specific business challenges around regulatory compliance, financial and operational discipline, brand integrity and reputational enhancement.

Cannabis Startups

Startup companies are the seeds of the industry that will determine its future. FTI Consulting ensures that startups have the basic operating structure and governance in place to avoid interruptions or compliance failures that could impede growth or even threaten survival. From license applications and investor pitches to streamlined accounting operations, financial controls and business valuation, we can accelerate business processes to handle increasing market share and to achieve scalable, sustainable growth.

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