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Valuation Advisory Services

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

August 4, 2020

Valuations are needed throughout the business cycle – from regulatory compliance to major transactions to dispute resolution. FTI Consulting helps you identify and understand the value of different assets across a range of contexts, providing independent and reliable opinions on the value of businesses, shares, financial instruments and intangible assets.

Clients trust FTI Consulting to provide independent, cost-effective and pragmatic valuation advice that complies with ASIC regulations, tax authority guidance, financial reporting and valuation standards.

Understanding value drivers

Informed by a disciplined and robust application of economics and finance theory that can withstand the highest scrutiny, we provide insight into the underlying value drivers through:

  • thorough research to support market benchmark data from reputable providers
  • cross checks and sensitivity analysis wherever possible
  • consultation with internal industry specialists around the globe
  • active involvement of senior staff throughout the valuation process
  • clear, compelling and easy to follow reports, with key factors presented in dashboards and executive summaries.

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