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March 3, 2018

Good cyber governance should include regular cyber risk management activities including the development of appropriate policies and procedures, risk identification and analysis, and staff and supplier training and awareness.

The increasing use of technology in the workplace and for delivery of business services, along with the complexity of enterprise information systems, requires a sound forensic technology response to cybersecurity and data breach incidents.

Whether it is in response to a corporate security incident, information security breach or internal staff misconduct, data from the organization’s IT systems will need to be collected and analyzed in order to find relevant and accurate information regarding the incident or circumstances of the event, and the potential security improvements required to help minimize the impact of similar incidents in the future.

Our Cybersecurity Capability

FTI Consulting is a leading provider of proactive independent cyber and risk management advisory services as well as reactive investigative and claim assessment services for cyber liability insurance policies. Our professionals are leading specialists in assisting clients manage the risk of cyber and fraud related incidents. Our security and risk practitioners are also forensic specialists with a wealth of experience in dealing with technology, fraud and security matters.

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Key Contacts

Paul Braithwaite

Senior Managing Director, Co-Leader of Insurance Services

Wendy Shapss

Senior Managing Director, Co-Leader of Insurance Services

Anthony J. Ferrante

Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Cybersecurity