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Financial Reporting Valuation Services

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March 26, 2020

FTI Consulting provides independent valuation services for financial reporting requirements under IFRS and A-IFRS, whether it be share based payments, purchased price allocation, impairment testing or valuation of financial instruments. Our specialist team has extensive experience providing valuations for a multitude of purposes, including financial reporting, as well as across multiple industries and geographies.

Key Services

  • Fair valuations of assets, liabilities and securities to assist with meeting financial reporting requirements
  • Valuation reports meeting Australian and international valuation standards for:
    • purchase price allocation
    • impairment testing
    • share based payments
  • Contemporaneous valuations in transactions and financial due diligence reviews - for buyers or vendors Opinions on fair value of:
    • businesses
    • shares
    • debt
    • intangible assets
  • Fixed asset and property valuations in partnership with third parties
  • Expert evidence for the courts, tribunals and other judicial bodies

Our Valuation Services

Clients trust FTI Consulting to provide independent, cost-effective and pragmatic valuation advice that complies with ASIC regulations, tax authority guidance, financial reporting and valuation standards. Our valuations can be applied across a broad range of commercial contexts, including:

Financial Reporting

  • Purchase price allocation
  • Impairment testing
  • Share based payments
  • Contingent consideration
  • Financial instruments
  • Leases


  • Tax consolidation
  • Capital gains tax
  • Principal asset test
  • Small business concession
  • Private ruling assistance
  • Employee options

Transactions & Restructurings

  • Independent Expert’s Reports (IER)
  • Valuation opinions and advice in restructuring contexts
  • Valuation and modelling services to support transactions and restructurings

Transfer Pricing

  • Valuation of intellectual property and other intangible assets
  • Profit margin benchmarking
  • Royalty rate benchmarking
  • Licensing advice
  • Benchmarking analysis for transfer pricing reports

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