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Impact of Brexit: International Trade

The UK Perspective

Strategic Communications | Economic Consulting

June 19, 2018


For the first time in 40 years the United Kingdom has begun setting its own international trade policy. The negotiation priorities established by the UK Government will have significant impacts on businesses and consumers. Trade negotiations are not an exclusive matter of public policy and diplomacy – high-quality agreements require extensive collaboration between Government and industry.

Businesses with interests or aspirations in international markets have to involve themselves in the development of trade policies and priorities to ensure they can make the most of new market opportunities. On the domestic front, new trade agreements will require changes to regulation affecting a broad range of industries. In our short overview document, we outline some of the steps that UK businesses might need to take to understand and influence trade policy as the Brexit process progresses. We also set out how we can help to provide the strategy and approach to respond effectively to change.

Key FTI Consulting Services

Understand the Process

  • Offering a step by step guide to the process of free trade negotiations and advice on when to intervene
  • Offering an understanding of the thinking and policy direction of the UK Government and the priorities of negotiation partners
  • Scenario planning to help prepare for any possible negotiation outcome

Identify the Issues

  • In depth exploration of the trade negotiation issues that will affect your industry
  • Identifying the non-tariff barriers that impact your business
  • Identifying opportunities for growth through the elimination of trade barriers
  • Providing a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory changes and new market opportunities in your industry
  • Modelling the impact of changes in the trade environment on your costs, revenues and margins, to inform your pricing and sourcing strategy

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