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Merger Integration Services Service Sheet

Corporate Finance & Restructuring

March 29, 2018


FTI Consulting's Merger Integration practice partners with clients across the globe to maximize transaction value through the creation of cross-functionally aligned integration plans, enabling the successful execution of strategic objectives while optimizing revenue and cost synergies.

Why FTI Consulting

  • Industry experts with experience navigating complexity and creating value
  • Best-in-class expertise and collaborative style with management to drive results
  • Candid perspective provided based on experience
  • Hands-on approach leveraging a proven and tailored merger integration methodology
  • Focus on value creation for stakeholders

Our Approach

FTI Consulting's acute focus on the customer and employee experience is designed to minimize disruption through periods of significant change and accelerate the transition to the combined company operating model. We pride ourselves on providing a flexible support structure that can quickly adapt to changes in requirements through the integration planning and execution process.

Definitive Expertise

FTI Consulting brings a disciplined and coordinated planning and execution approach through an integration management office governance structure that specializes in overall coordination and reporting, dependency management, issue escalation resolution, program management, communication and synergy tracking.

Typical Client Concerns We Address

  • How can we maximize and accelerate revenue and cost synergies?
  • What can be done to maintain the current momentum of each business while effectively integrating?
  • What is the most effective governance structure?
  • What are other integrations doing to emphasize the customer experience during planning and execution?
  • What interim processes can be established to enable cross selling of products on Day 1?
  • How do we know if we are achieving integration best practices?

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