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Perioperative Services

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June 16, 2015

Operating Rooms are the engine of a health care system and its financial success is built around effective Perioperative Services throughput. A tremendous amount of pressure has been placed upon facility leadership to improve the bottom line. Perioperative Services contributes nearly 65% to this bottom line, therefore; it is imperative to improve performance within the operating room environment.

FTI Consulting applies a systematic approach to increase OR capacity and growth by implementing comprehensive solutions inside and outside the OR to increase patient, physician and staff satisfaction while improving quality and increasing the bottom-line for the hospital or health system.

The Perioperative Services team of FTI Consulting is comprised of experts with many years of experience within the perioperative continuum, health care strategy and technology management. We partner with you to provide comprehensive solutions in each of the foundational phases of perioperative services described below.

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Sudhi Rao

Senior Managing Director