Organizing Quality Processes to Deliver Improved Outcomes

Quality Solutions: Organizing Quality Processes to Deliver Improved Outcomes

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November 11, 2015

Quality and Patient Safety departments are typically responsible for developing and implementing quality improvement programs, supporting organizational effectiveness, and ensuring regulatory compliance. The ever-changing environment requires that these departments are nimble and capable of prioritizing initiatives while delivering exceptional outcomes. Improving reliability, reducing harm, improving patient experience, and driving measureable care improvement are key activities for today’s Quality and Patient Safety functions.

In our experience, many quality departments are challenged with achieving their objectives because they are missing much of the necessary infrastructure. Quality departments require clearly defined governance and accountability structures, excellent communication channels and connectivity with organizational leadership, physicians, and other staff, systems that support a culture of improvement, safety and excellence, and processes that are hardwired to ensure standardization.

FTI partners with your organization to assess the quality infrastructure, processes, and outcomes. We will then collaborate with you to design a comprehensive plan to implement necessary changes and develop tools to measure success. In addition, FTI coaches and mentors organizational leaders as they navigate what can be the “rough waters of change”. Through this on-on-one, highly collegial and collaborative process, we will help your leaders implement the necessary leadership principles to ensure the delivery and sustainability of positive outcomes.

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