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Radiance Visual Analytics for Early Case Assessment


November 17, 2016

Early case assessment (ECA) is a critical component of any corporation’s e-discovery workflow. With data volumes rising and data types becoming increasingly complex, smart teams have begun to leverage the merits of ECA for both pre-discovery and e-discovery. The Radiance visual analytics platform will transform your current ECA process via a robust connection framework, a comprehensive data enrichment process, and a library of powerful visualizations which allow teams to quickly narrow and cull vast amounts of data during the assessment phase.

But more than just a culling tool the Radiance platform offers a powerful search engine, highly faceted browse capabilities and a library of visualizations that can help teams rapidly identify key documents, see communication patterns, isolate high-risk or confidential information and inventory collections based on file types, custodians and more. With these capabilities Radiance helps power smarter e-discovery workflows, supports early data and case assessments and creates a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use platform for analysis projects across the enterprise.

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