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Developing Resilience and Well Being in a Time of Significant Change

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April 20, 2018


The compliance team at one of the world’s leading global asset management firms is going through a period of significant challenge and of far-reaching change. Uncertainty caused by Brexit, the impact of MiFID II and other regulatory changes, a consistently high workload, the move to agile working and the relocation of part of the team – all these things are making considerable demands on their time, energy and resources.

Our Work

FTI Consulting was asked to design an engaging workshop for 80 individuals with an overall focus on resilience, well being and change – helping team members to: develop resilience as a positive and powerful attribute, understand how pressure at work can develop into stress, develop practical strategies for dealing with pressure and stress, deal with high levels of uncertainty and volatility, navigate successfully through change, rebound from setbacks and maintain motivation, acquire practical tools, tips and approaches to apply in the workplace.

Each team member was asked to complete an online survey in advance of the away-day – inviting them to reflect on their professional life, the satisfaction they get and the challenges they face. The findings from this survey created data that we could interrogate, shape – and use on the away-day. For example: X% of people strongly agreed with the statement: ‘I have time at work for reflection and review’ or ‘I regularly have a good night’s sleep.’ The away-day was highly participative and interactive. The majority of our time together was spent on practical activities, using a wide range of learning and development approaches including: break-out activities in which teams apply knowledge, insight and models to real challenges and situations, plenary sessions in which they share their work with the whole group, self-reflection, scenario analysis, brainstorms, problem-solving, detailed, constructive, confidence-building feedback.


As a result of the away-day, the Compliance team members took away valuable practical tools and tips they can use in the workplace including: the 10.10.10 model, a template for confidence building feedback, models for assertive response, the concept of anchoring, mindfulness, triangulation, mantras and the centred body. Each team member created a motivational action plan, that worked for them personally – which will feed back into their daily professional lives, enabling and sustaining positive adaptation to recent changes.

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