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Legislative Mapping and Advice on Engagement on a Global Scale

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April 20, 2018

Legislative Mapping

In 2014, a chemical specialty manufacturer acquired a processor and manufacturer of lithium, which is used mainly in lithium-ion batteries. The acquiring company saw the new acquisition as a source of growth driven mainly by a projected boom in electric vehicles and battery recycling. However, the buying company was not aware of the legislation in which it was operating and approached FTI Consulting for advice on how to engage in key markets to ensure the best regulatory framework for EVs and batteries.

Our Work

The project was implemented in two steps: in the first, FTI Consulting and the company identified the key markets and mapped out current and ongoing legislation on electric vehicles, end-of-life vehicles and battery recycling. Following the first, comprehensive mapping, the scope was narrowed to high-activity markets (EU-level, Germany, U.K., France, U.S., Canada, Brazil, China, Japan and South Korea) and FTI Consulting was asked to prepare an in-depth report on the state of electric vehicle rollout in the country. The report included advice on how best to conduct public affairs in a given geography as well as recommended next steps and key focus areas of engagement to further the company’s business objectives.


FTI Consulting, with the support of affiliate offices in Asia, delivered two comprehensive reports on the global state of electric vehicle and battery recycling legislation. The information has been used internally in the company to inform the lithium business strategy, focus energy on key markets and support company representatives on the ground. FTI Consulting was also able to demonstrate its strong global footprint as well as its ability to advise the client especially in unknown markets such as China, where the rules of engagement are different than in the client’s American home market.

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