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Redefining the Customer Experience

How a leading airline is embracing the digital ‘new normal’ and reinventing itself as a global leader in hospitality

Strategic Communications

April 20, 2018


As affluent millennials emerge as the airline’s High Value Customers, eclipsing older, wealthier passengers in spending power, so this new generation is demonstrating more muscle, impatience and desire for a tech-savvy, personalised travel experience. That demand goes well beyond physical, automated improvements: it requires a shift in behaviour and service from start to finish that puts the customer at the centre of every employee’s attention.

What’s more, these new High Value Customers are more likely to share their experiences – good and bad – with thousands, or even millions, of fellow potential passengers via social media.

Get it right, and the airline grows its base of raving fans, in the knowledge that these customers compare the airline – less to other carriers – and more with the best hospitality brands they encounter along the way.

With this new paradigm in mind, one of the world’s leading international airlines engaged FTI Consulting to develop an immersion program that would begin to shape a new attitude among its customer facing workforce and build skills to deal with the “new normal.”

Our Role

FTI Consulting worked with the airline’s cross-divisional leadership team to design and develop a two-day immersive experience for customer-facing staff in a key hub, and produce all supporting collateral, including video content, a dedicated microsite, presentation materials, guides for facilitators and executive communications. Throughout, we focused on helping leaders to help themselves by driving the initiative from the front.


Following the successful pilot undergone by nearly 2,000 employees, the airline is seeing practical, consistent improvements in employee customer focused behaviour throughout the customer’s journey – and new ability and confidence in handling difficult situations on camera. The airline remains an FTI Consulting client and we continue to support a number of employee-focused initiatives.

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