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Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Retail & Consumer Products, Strategic Communications

Know the Risks: Outsourcing to Third Parties in the Insurance Industry

September 09, 2022—Carriers that outsource to two specific types of third parties — MGAs and TPAs — may find distinct challenges. A little knowledge can go a long way.

Corporate Finance & Restructuring, Financial Services, Forensic & Litigation Consulting

What You May Not Know About DORA — But Should

August 29, 2022—European financial services firms will have less than 24 months to comply with the European Council’s Digital Operational Resilience Act once it’s formalized later this year.

Healthcare & Life Sciences, Health Solutions

Four Budget-friendly Tech Upgrades Every Hospital Executive Should Know About

August 16, 2022—By targeting select areas of their enterprise IT, hospitals and other medical providers can improve productivity and attract tomorrow’s workforce.

Construction, Corporate Finance, Retail & Consumer Products

Is it Time to Consider Bringing Your Supply Chain ‘Home’?

August 01, 2022—Now more than ever CEOs and Supply Chain leaders are considering de-risking their supply chains through “nearshoring” or “onshoring” closer to home.

Financial Services, Retail & Consumer Products, Strategic Communications

What To Say to Your Stakeholders When You’ve Been Hacked (Hint: Don’t Say ‘Hacked’)

July 29, 2022—Having a comms strategy before a cyber attack occurs can help project confidence when the worst happens. Jamie Singer looks at keys to message discipline.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Insurance, Retail & Consumer Products

Implementing a Third-Party Risk Management Platform: Why So Complicated?

June 23, 2022—A TPRM platform is critical for today’s businesses. Still, hurdles during implementation can turn into major stumbling blocks. Here’s what to know.

Energy, Power & Products (EPP), Financial Services, Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Strategic Communications

Will ‘Alternative Data’ Bring a Brighter Financial Future to Millions?

June 14, 2022—More consumers may gain access to once-unobtainable financial products if lawmakers open the door to new data sources for credit scores.

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