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Taking a Fresh Look at the System Value of Nuclear Power Plants

March 29, 2023—As policy momentum for nuclear energy grows in some countries, challenges remain for wider acceptance. Here is a look at the considerations.

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Want to Catch a Fraudster? Think Like a Cop

March 23, 2023—Company insiders familiar with your audit procedures may be tempted to exploit cracks in your compliance structure in an uncertain economy. Take heed.

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Here’s What the Coming AI Act Means for Your Business

March 17, 2023—Europe’s AI Act — the first major law intended to regulate the use of artificial intelligence — will have a profound impact on companies worldwide.

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10 Cyber Risks and Realities We’re Seeing This Year — And Beyond

February 24, 2023—Threat actors, new communication demands on CISOs, regulations rising . . . these are the must-watch trends affecting your company’s cybersecurity posture

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Luxury Goods and Financial Crime: Patchwork Laws Cost Brands a Pretty Penny

February 17, 2023—Anti-money laundering agencies are stepping up oversight of luxury goods sales. Here’s where brands and dealers should be paying attention.

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Wanted: A Data-Based Method for Retaining Talent

February 09, 2023—As large-scale layoffs loom, companies are anxious to retain the best people and ensure they’re engaged and productive. Data-driven strategies can help.

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The National Security Question No Organization Wants to Face

February 07, 2023—The Feds discover that a nation-state has hacked into your company’s network and wants to keep it secret for national security reasons. Do you cooperate?

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