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Construction, Corporate Finance, Retail & Consumer Products

Is it Time to Consider Bringing Your Supply Chain ‘Home’?

August 01, 2022—Now more than ever CEOs and Supply Chain leaders are considering de-risking their supply chains through “nearshoring” or “onshoring” closer to home.

Financial Services, Retail & Consumer Products, Strategic Communications

What To Say to Your Stakeholders When You’ve Been Hacked (Hint: Don’t Say ‘Hacked’)

July 29, 2022—Having a comms strategy before a cyber attack occurs can help project confidence when the worst happens. Jamie Singer looks at keys to message discipline.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Insurance, Retail & Consumer Products

Implementing a Third-Party Risk Management Platform: Why So Complicated?

June 23, 2022—A TPRM platform is critical for today’s businesses. Still, hurdles during implementation can turn into major stumbling blocks. Here’s what to know.

Energy, Power & Products (EPP), Financial Services, Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Strategic Communications

Will ‘Alternative Data’ Bring a Brighter Financial Future to Millions?

June 14, 2022—More consumers may gain access to once-unobtainable financial products if lawmakers open the door to new data sources for credit scores.

Retail & Consumer Products, Technology, Telecom, Media & Technology (TMT)

How to Cultivate Value and Weed Out Risk with Data Minimization

May 20, 2022—Organizations are buried in old data. Deleting it can run afoul of regulatory requirements, but a “save everything” mindset is increasingly risky.

Energy, Power & Products (EPP), Retail & Consumer Products, Strategic Communications

The New Issues Management Tool Kit: How Companies Are Rethinking Strategic Advocacy

May 17, 2022—An internal team that is composed of multiple viewpoints, roles, and regions is key to managing all expectations now and in the future.

Corporate Finance, Retail & Consumer Products, Strategic Communications, Technology

Coworking Is Here to Stay — But the Next Generation May Surprise You

April 29, 2022—Companies want to attract talent. Employees want more workplace amenities. Coworking may be the win-win everyone is looking for.

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