FTI Cybersecurity

An intelligence-led, strategic approach to global cybersecurity challenges affecting your organization – your people, your operations, and your reputation.

FTI Consulting’s cybersecurity business is engineered to synthesize cutting-edge, intelligence-led capabilities around a trusted core of comprehensive offerings. This enables clients of any size to address their most critical needs and integrate new solutions atop or alongside pre-existing policies and programs to address cyber threats.

We build a safer future by helping organizations understand their own environments, harden their defenses, rapidly and precisely hunt threats, holistically respond to crises, and sustainably recover their operations and reputation after an incident.

What We Do

ASSESS and understand your environment
Managing cybersecurity risk begins with developing an organizational understanding of your business environment and its assets. We conduct assessments that inform the development of strategies to manage and mitigate cybersecurity risk to your systems, assets, data, and capabilities.

DEFEND your assets and infrastructure
The deployment of network safeguards is critical. We identify, implement, and manage defensive best-practice processes including access control, awareness and training, data protection policies, network maintenance, and deployment of protective technologies. Through these defensive measures, we ensure the delivery of your critical services and operations.

IDENTIFY threats rapidly and proactively
Timely discovery of impacts to your network can be a key factor in minimizing damage. By implementing continuous security monitoring and advanced detection processes on your networks, FTI Consulting experts can detect anomalies and other security-related events rapidly and proactively.

RESPOND to incident holistically
Once you detect a cybersecurity incident, you must take action. We provide complete cyber incident response options that include planning, analysis, mitigation, system refinements, and ancillary mission support functions, such as strategic communications and reputation management.

RECOVER operations quickly and sustainably
Restoring capabilities or services that have been impaired is often your top priority when you face a cybersecurity incident. We develop recovery plans that ensure long-term improvement, limit the potential lasting impacts of cyber incidents, and prevent damage from future incidents. With our recovery assistance, you can get back to business as usual, as soon as possible.

Learn more about FTI Cybersecurity at www.fticybersecurity.com.

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