Chief Financial Officer and Finance Leader Survey

Chief Financial Officer and Finance Leader Survey

Three Critical Areas where CFOs are Driving Performance

Corporate Finance & Restructuring

September 16, 2019

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FTI Consulting’s CFO survey, conducted in collaboration with CFO Research, finds that corporate finance leaders are leveraging the finance function to deliver greater performance in operations, technology, and talent.

Transformational finance leaders are well aware that the demands of the finance function have evolved significantly over the past decade. Largely driven by advancements in technology, today’s corporate finance leaders are expected to work more collaboratively with functional areas in their companies and are well-positioned to provide valuable input on change management activities that support enterprise-wide performance improvement.

We believe the insights from our survey showcase how finance leaders not only report on performance, but also how they are positively influencing performance whenever possible. Respondents share thoughts about how engaging with their CEOs — in addition to partnering across the C-Suite — can translate into superior performance for the enterprise, as well as recommendations on managing risk and getting more value out of technology investments and how to bridge the gap between “support” and “impact” in the operations area.

These insights, plus more, showcase a greater opportunity for CFOs to make an enterprise-wide impact in their organizations.

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