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Energy Transition in South Africa

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February 12, 2020

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South Africa's transition to a lower carbon energy system will follow a nonlinear path which will be influenced and disrupted by the interplay between policy, market forces and technical innovation. This process is likely to take decades, and stakeholder dialogue at a national level will be a necessity.

The Global Shift Towards Decarbonisation

The world is on a path of an energy transition which is changing the 'what' and 'how' of the way we produce, consume and conserve energy.

Rising energy demand, decarbonisation and electrification is changing our relationship with energy. This, together with understanding the potential impacts of climate change and how this could transform the energy industry is top of mind for industry executives, policy makers, investors and society.

Whilst the future global energy mix is debated by scenario planners, there will be no one single response to the decarbonisation challenge.

Each country will respond taking into account their individual developmental requirements, CO2 emissions, GDP and energy consumption on a per capita basis.

Predictions about the future global energy mix do however coalesce around there being continued global in energy demand; and the very rapid growth of renewables and biofuels.

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