Assessment of Nashville Region Health, Cost, Access, and Quality

Assessment of Nashville Region Health, Cost, Access, and Quality

Results of a Pilot Study

Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy

June 3, 2015

The Nashville Area Chamber’s Research Center spearheaded a partnership to commission an innovative healthcare pilot study to assess cost, quality, and access in the Nashville region in collaboration with FTI Consulting’s Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy. In addition to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, the partnership includes Baptist Healing Trust, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Community Health Systems, Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, The HCA Foundation & HCA Hope Fund, the Nashville Health Care Council, the Saint Thomas Health Foundation and Vanderbilt University.

The comprehensive community-specific profile and assessment is intended as a starting point for stakeholders to provide an enhanced understanding of opportunities to promote and improve health and the quality of healthcare in the Nashville region. The pilot includes specific metrics that are critical for enabling stakeholders with the information to evaluate and ultimately track their community across five categories of population health, utilization, cost, quality, and access. It is groundbreaking in several features that distinguish it from other health rankings reports and studies including its use of extensive commercial claims data along with Medicare data to assess costs and utilization of healthcare services for specific chronic diseases (e.g., diabetes), which facilitates workforce assessments including potential productivity costs from disease, and comprehensive assessment of current healthcare infrastructure and capacity including physician supply and growth. The latter provide insights and information about the alignment of current resources with current and future health needs. The study develops an extensive set of core metrics and analyses using the highest quality available data for Nashville and its several peer Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and presents results in an analytical framework that provides for sound performance and comparative assessments on health, cost, access and quality.

This report has broad application. Ultimately, wellness is a local problem with national implications. To drive change, stakeholders seek to identify and agree upon community health priorities, which requires the ability to sort effectively through the plethora of data and information, and to identify the most salient factors influencing health outcomes and measures in their community. Significant gains are possible when employers, community leaders, and providers work together to address the health needs of the population, align resources, and coordinate care delivery.

Assessment of Nashville Region Health, Cost, Access, and Quality
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