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Physician Group Alignment Game Planning

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September 23, 2016

In the last issue of the FTI Consulting Health Solutions Quarterly Checkup Newsletter, we described the evolution of health systems’ traditional physician planning function toward an enhanced “Provider Resource Plan for the New Care Model.” As we described, savvy health systems are augmenting physician-to-population analytics with a more holistic approach integrated across multiple disciplines:

  • Value-based environment utilization changes;
  • Next-level clinical operations efficiencies;
  • New care team model structures, including cross-physician specialty collaboration and APP utilization;
  • Physician enterprise access and productivity improvements;
  • System growth initiatives in terms of covered lives or lives touched in a given year; and
  • Other unique macro and local market factors.

The resulting analysis provides health systems with a pragmatic formula for incremental physician and APP needs in their service areas. The next step is taking that information within the larger contexts of macro environmental factors and health system strategic priorities – by market and service line – and developing a truly strategic Physician Alignment Game Plan. An organized, analytically-based approach such as this will help health system leadership not only anticipate future provider needs in terms of numbers, but also in terms of prioritization of limited dollars and finite organizational capacity and focus.

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