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U.S. Observations and Experiences in Natural Gas Infrastructure Investment

Energy, Power & Products (EPP)

December 20, 2019

In this high-level briefing paper, FTI Consulting seeks to provide an overview of the United States experience in the development of natural gas infrastructure and the regulatory structure that regulates such infrastructure, in an effort to help key stakeholders, investors, natural gas market participants and the Government of India to identify policies and regulations that may serve to foster meaningful natural gas infrastructure investment and development in India.

This research is being conducted by a tailored team comprised of FTI Consulting’s Power and Utilities and Strategic Communications practices, with experts located in both the United States (U.S.) and India. This briefing paper is being published/circulated through the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (“USISPF”). This briefing paper provides a high-level understanding of the evolution of natural gas infrastructure and infrastructure-enabling policies and regulations in the U.S., and experiences and observations related to U.S. policies and regulations that may be ripe for consideration to foster meaningful natural gas infrastructure development in India.

FTI Consulting’s understanding of India’s natural gas pipeline industry, which was used to inform the observations shared in this document, is provided in Appendix A. This paper also makes recommendations regarding additional research and analyses that are most likely to enable the most meaningful, sustainable and economic platforms to support India’s natural gas infrastructure and energy needs now and into the future. We emphasize, however, that this paper is a primer, focusing only on policy and regulatory levers for natural gas infrastructure development and that the recommendations may or may not ultimately result in overall optimal solutions for India.

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