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COVID-19 Excessive Pricing or Price Gouging - The South African Experience

Economic & Financial Consulting

October 8, 2020

Join Liberty Mncube on the 8th of October COVID-19 Excessive Pricing or Price Gouging - The South African Experience.

FTI Consulting South Africa participating in Mannheim Competition Policy Forum (MCPF).

The last couple of years have seen a remarkable increase in the application of economic insights to competition problems. In order to further promote and refine this development, practitioners need to understand how microeconomics can help to shed light on particular aspects of competition problems. At the same time, academics benefit from a better understanding of real-world challenges and institutional details.

The forum aims at providing a platform for the discussion of recent cases, general competition policy issues, and relevant academic research in the field. Renowned practitioners and academics will be invited to present their views on cases and general policy questions, followed by a discussion of the economic implications with the audience.

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