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Examining the Transformation of Today’s Media Landscape

A Review of the Pew Research Journalism Project’s 2014 “State of the News Media"

Strategic Communications

August 1, 2014

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For the past several years, the communications field has been closely following the dramatic shifts taking place in the traditional media space. Persistent layoffs, deep budget cuts and declining subscription rates made its inevitable demise seem like a foregone conclusion.

Behind the scenes, however, pioneers were watching the rapid rise in the acceptance of digital and social media channels as information sources; and were following the content trail to understand how dialogues, opinions and perceptions were being shaped.

Now, according to the recently released “State of the News Media” report from the Pew Research Center Journalism Project, those efforts are beginning to pay off and pave the way for a news media renaissance. “This is a seminal moment in the evolution of news media,” says Brent McGoldrick, managing director and Americas head of the Strategic Communications segment’s Strategy Consulting & Research practice at FTI Consulting.

“We’ve always known that listeners, readers, users and viewers all want content and they want it now. For the longest time though, the challenge was how media channels would be able to constantly update and deliver content in real-time; so they can meet users where they are, and really move dialogue on key issues. Thanks to the rapid influx of capital, entrepreneurial and technology leadership, the news media industry is well on its way to charting its path forward. Now from an employment perspective the most sought after position in the industry may no longer be editor-in-chief, but rather ‘chief-content officer.’”

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