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Aidan Searwar

Aidan Searwar

  • Managing Director
  • Corporate Finance
  • T: +1 415 283 4202
  • F: +1 415 293 4496
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    • 50 California Street
    • Suite 1900
    • San Francisco, CA, 94111
    • United States
    • T: +1 415 283 4200
    • F: +1 415 293 4496

Aidan Searwar specializes in operational transformation. Mr. Searwar has over 20 years of experience in operational efficiency, cost reduction, integration and separation, business performance improvement and due diligence (commercial, operational and technology).

Mr. Searwar focuses on improving profitability and over the last few years, has helped companies improve EBITDA over $125 million annually. Sample projects from his experience include improving the operational efficiency of a technology business unit, which resulted in $25 million annual EBITDA savings. This project included projecting the expected demand for the products/services and aligning the required capacity across in-house and vendor resources for R&D and services; identifying discrete GTM revenue generation and cost reduction levers and leading the development of the business case; and gaining support for the business case across all impacted business functions and developing the implementation roadmap.

Mr. Searwar has helped improve labor efficiency by consolidating the geographic footprint of a $300 million technology services organization, which resulted in $25 million annual EBITDA savings. For this project, he led the development of the business case, which included considerations such as labor cost, labor productivity, wage inflation, facility cost and availability of labor. He also drove leadership consensus on the desired future state geographic footprint and developed the implementation plan.

Another way Mr. Searwar has improved labor costs is by insourcing over 800 IT resources for a $1.3 billion technology organization, resulting in $40 million annual EBITDA savings. He led the assessment of vendor performance and development of the business case in collaboration with senior executives across the organization. He also drove consensus on the desired results and led the implementation of the insourcing.

Regarding integration and separation, Mr. Searwar worked on the integration of the business functions of a $1.5 billion technology company carve out, which was performed with $12 million in savings from the initial budget of $69 million. On this project, he developed the implementation plan and key implementation checkpoints for each function, including sales, R&D, procurement and logistics. He also managed in-house and vendor resources to perform the integration in an average of three months ahead of plan for each function.

Mr. Searwar has also improved the business performance of a services company, which resulted in $3 million annual, EBITDA improvement. He analyzed growth strategy based on market size, target customer segments, products/services and competitive advantage; refocused customer segment targeting and the associated products; identified changes to coverage of customer segments by sales personnel and other executives; and drove consensus on the expected results.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting, Mr. Searwar was a Principal at Pace Harmon. Before that, he was a Director at PRTM/PwC Management Consulting.

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